10 things you need to know about citrine

1.What is Citrine?

Citrine, also known as topaz, derives its English name from the French "citron", meaning "lemon". Citrine belongs to the quartz category, which is transparent light yellow, positive yellow, orange, olive yellow to golden, which is saturated yellow to red-orange and does not contain brown tones of Citrine for the best color, because its color is rich and mellow, giving a royal noble feeling.

2. What does Citrine do?

Citrine is a great gem to carry around, it is a bright, sunny gem that exudes positive energy, and it is also broad to help comb through the sacrum and solar plexus chakras.

3. What are the benefits of Citrine?

When you are feeling down, Citrine is a great gem to guide you away from dark, depressed thoughts and anxiety, it transfers negative energy, is conducive to physical healing and clears the blockage of the creative and sensual chakras of the solar plexus and sacral chakra.

4. How do I use Citrine

If you want to have a good mood and be immersed in happy energy, you can wear it as a jewelry, hold Citrine close to your skin, clear your chakras, and make you feel the warmth of your emotions and the lightness of your mood. You can also use it during meditation by holding a stone while visualizing, Citrine can be used for Reiki healing and chakra balancing, especially if you place Citrine in the solar plexus or sacral chakra area. You can also bring Citrine into your home or workplace to boost motivation and productivity.

5. The Legend of Citrine

The Golden Fleece (Golden Fleece) is a rare treasure in ancient Greek mythology, and the Greeks have had legends about it since ancient times. It is said that every night the golden Fleece shines so brightly that everyone would want to have it, but it is almost impossible, because the golden Fleece has long been possessed by a greedy and cruel dragon.

In the legend, the hero Jason had to obtain the dragon's golden fleece in order to save the world, so he asked the god Hera for help, and Hera gave Jason a Citrine. The Citrine shone so bright and golden that even the dragon was amazed that there was anything better than the Golden Fleece. While the dragon is distracted, Jason is very calm, with the Citrine to divert the dragon's attention, without haste to obtain the golden fleece, and successfully save the world

6. How to maintain Citrine

Citrine is more afraid of strong light, in the purification of Citrine can not use sunshine method, strong light will cause certain damage to its surface, resulting in its fading or loss of luster. Citrine is also more afraid of collision, in the cleaning or some outdoor sports, we must remember to take off the Citrine or protect it to prevent cracks.

7. Where Citrine is produced

Natural Citrine is generally less distributed in nature, and the main producing areas are Brazil, Madagascar, Uruguay and so on. Among them, Brazil's Citrine is more famous, its constitution is bright, less impurities, and it is loved by crystal lovers and collectors.

8. Does Citrine help you sleep?

Despite its energetic nature, Citrine is a great rock to take with you when you sleep. Keeping it under your pillow will help you attract wealth, success, and prosperity. It can also help you overcome the darkness in your dreams and find new ways to face challenges while allowing you to rest easily.

9. Can Citrine be worn every day

Yes, Citrine is a gem suitable for everyday wear. Since Citrine is full of sunshine and bright energy, it can be a gem that helps to raise energy levels, surround you with a positive attitude, greet a hearty welcome, and keep the sacrum and solar plexus chakras open. Wearing it every day will make you feel happy and free from the stress of darkness and anxiety.

10. How do I activate Citrine?

The easiest way to activate Citrine is to wear it. Placing Citrine on your skin can help synchronize the vibrations and invite the gemstone to work, infusing you with energy, driving away negativity and keeping you on your high. You can also activate the Citrine by holding it in the recipient's hand and asking it for what you want.