5 crystals for conflict resolution

Arguments and conflicts are inevitable in interpersonal relationships, possibly with friends, lovers, colleagues, and even strangers, and when we have a heated debate, our heart rate increases along with our blood pressure, we breathe faster than usual, and our chest tightens. During an argument, tension and stress activate the part of the brain that releases cortisol. When this emotional response is activated, we feel like we're being attacked. We may become more aggressive or defensive and fall into a disoriented state of mind. This state keeps us from seeing things clearly, so the resolution of the conflict becomes distant.

The crystal is a special tool that can help us calm down, find the cause of your emotions, and resolve your conflicts. Read on as we explore the crystal of conflict resolution

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known for her powerful ability to attract new relationships to your life. She is a healing stone. Most people think that Rose Quartz only wields its power in love, but this healing crystal can also be used to create and maintain friendships and other relationships.

Blue Lace Agate

When you have conflicts with others, having blue lace agate can help you think more clearly, keep calm and keep a clear head, which can maintain your friendship and resolve conflicts with your loved ones. It can help you improve communication and avoid conflicts caused by misunderstandings, and maintain your friendship in the process. To resolve conflicts when they arise.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is known as the Crystal of Truth and its healing power is amazing, it can help you make friends, encourage you to bravely express your feelings and concerns and surface your position, allow you to find your own voice and tell your friends how you feel, help change the way you talk to your friends in your daily life, Bring peace and balance to your relationships, which is very good for friendship and love.


Unakite encourages you to love yourself first, when you are confident, brave, shine, you will attract new friends, if you are shy and afraid to go out and make new friends, then Unakite is your trusted partner, Unakite is the perfect crystal of friendship and self-love, giving you the perseverance to meet new friends and develop relationships.


Malachite is an ancient protective stone, it is an excellent stone, it is versatile, it helps you get along with people, open your heart chakra to accept and give unconditional love, so that you can be good at interpersonal relationships and conflicts, so that you become empathetic, so that you are free from negative energy harm, so that you can deal with people well.


Whether you don't know how to deal with friends, are shy about going out and making new friends, or are unable to resolve conflicts with the calm and clarity of mind, you can refer to the above crystals to help you become more relaxed in dealing with this aspect.