5 Crystals that help you lose weight

There are a lot of delicious food in this world, and our own stopping power is limited, it is difficult for us to restrain ourselves from eating those high-calorie foods, once the stopping power consumption is too much, it is difficult to restrain ourselves, it is not easy to lose weight, and even sometimes feel pain, the mood will be low, people in a bad mood, easy emotional eating, Many people get flustered when trying to lose weight, and they try many things to stay focused, but all fail. With all this in mind, crystals can be a great help. While crystals may not be a direct way to lose weight, they are an important talisman on your journey towards change, confidence and positive energy. Take a look at these weight loss crystals and prepare to turn into bright and engaging thinking.

Clear Quartz

Known as the "Healing Master", Clear Quartz has a variety of healing properties, clear crystal symbolizes clarity, it can help people make the right food choices, it can also help start your metabolism, remove accumulated toxins in the body, and direct energy to a healthy and harmonious place. Clear Quartz enhances their inner energy and helps them achieve their goals

Blue Apatite

The main reason of obesity is closely related to unhealthy food, so controlling diet is extremely important, and many people are depressed about controlling diet, because food can satisfy our body's needs and provide emotional stability, which makes it difficult for us to resist food high in sugar and high in carbohydrates, and Blue Apatite stone is very suitable for you who are losing weight. It is a hunger suppressant stone that reduces hunger, reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, and allows you to choose some healthy foods.

Sun Stone

Sun Stone is a great Stone, it is full of radiation energy, help you to stimulate your metabolism, make your body active, strengthen willpower, stay focused, more determined to their goals, when you feel your determination energy on the road to lose weight, please contact Sun Stone, it will refresh you and remind you to focus on your goals, Give you encouragement.


This is an excellent stone to help clear mental confusion and relieve anxiety, prevent you from developing anxiety in the process of weight loss and start to seek stability in food, it helps you to calm your mood and relieve anxiety, so that you can regain motivation and determination. This blue crystal can also improve your metabolism. Increase alertness and relieve hunger. Is one of the best stones for weight loss.


Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it can help promote motivation and confidence, and when you encounter obstacles in your weight loss process, it can boost your motivation and give you the confidence to succeed. And it helps with mental clarity and decision-making, helps make healthy food choices when you're losing weight and feeling hungry, eases cravings for high-calorie foods, allows you to clear choices and helps you reduce your appetite.

How to lose weight with crystals


Keep a crystal in your hand while you meditate, it helps relieve anxiety and stress, helps you stay motivated and focused, and allows you to achieve your goals.



You can use crystals during yoga exercises. Placing a crystal in front of the mat can bring mental peace and stability.

Carry with you

Wear or carry crystals throughout the day. This will help you stay focused and motivated when cravings or negative thoughts arise.