6 crystals for anger relief

Anger is a normal emotion that we have, when we have anger problems or emotional imbalance, how can we use crystals to control our emotions and relieve anger

Smoky quartz

This crystal is known as one of the most powerful healing crystals. Smoke crystal is especially suitable for healing and reducing anger, irritation and frustration, it is the perfect crystal, it can control anger and reduce stress. Energy healers and Reiki masters often use smoke crystals to reduce stress and release anger, this stone has a comforting and calming effect and can protect you from absorbing the negative energy of others.

And turn it into positive energy it can be a great tool for breathing techniques and meditation, and can also be worn as jewelry.

It is also a strong foundation and centering crystal for those who are going through stressful times.


Howlite is a gentle stone known for its calming effects, it is a gentle, soothing, nourishing stone that dissolves hatred, stress, and anger, and also promotes self-control. It's the perfect gem when you need to learn to control these negative emotions. Transform these harmful negative emotions into calm, peace, and tranquility.

When you're overwhelmed with anger, hold a tumbling Howlite in your hand and take a deep breath. Your anger will be transformed into peace and tranquility.


Amethyst is considered one of the best gems for relieving stress and anger. This beautiful purple crystal exudes pure, uplifting energy that can eliminate anger, stress, resentment, and all other negative and harmful emotions. Amethyst cures impatience, balances high energy, eliminates confusion, promotes clarity and helps to stay grounded, infusing your aura with calming energy, it can also be used in meditation and healing sessions.

rose quartz 

rose quartz  is a beautiful pink hue that promotes love, connection, and healing of the mind. This makes it an excellent choice for releasing anger, fear, and resentment in your personal life. If you have a grudge or have recently had an argument, rose quartz is a great stone for meditation.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli makes people aware of these emotions. It enables you to see things clearly and understand why you are angry in the first place. This is often the most difficult but important step in overcoming anger.

If you have frequent conflicts, it can help you stay calm. It helps to release the toxic emotions that show up under stress. Lapis lazuli allows you to see the bigger picture and reassures you that small annoyments are not worth worrying about. It emphasizes the path of self-discovery and enables you to know your inner truth.

Red jasper

You can use this rock whenever you feel angry at everyone, and the moment you start feeling angry at everyone in your life means that your emotions are being mentally attacked. You can use red jasper, its fiery energy can burn away the negative emotions in your mood. It will also form an invisible shield around you to help you recover quickly while protecting you from mental attacks.