6 Crystals of sex and intimacy

Intimate sexual relationships are key to a happy and healthy long-term relationship. They require a strong physical and emotional connection, and are actually harder to maintain without. Fun and wonderful relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy the fun of sex and intimacy. Sometimes, sexual issues can be filled with obstacles that we set up ourselves, be it shyness, lack of confidence, or emotional disorders that make us emotionally depressed, using crystals can help you to solve sexual problems between increasing libido or removing emotional obstacles, their unique vibrations can promote sensuality and help you to be more confident as a sexual being.

We will introduce you to 6 of the best crystals for sex, passion and intimacy. These crystals will help you enjoy a healthy, intimate, passionate and romantic sex life.

Red jasper

Red jasper is a rejuvenating stone that helps us to extract energy from our root chakras, restore our enthusiasm for life, ignite the erotic energy in our bodies, become more attractive to others, help bring more joy and passion to intimate relationships, and is suitable for those who want to rekindle the spark or discover a new passion in an intimate relationship.


carnelian brings warmth, joy and intimacy to our lives, is a hot stone, carrying red agate can attract us to passionate and healthy intimacy, it is also a fertility sexual gem, can make it known as the gem of sexual enhancement and conception.


garnet is also known as the "stone of physical love", to help restore intimacy and sexual contact between lovers, eliminate possible obstacles, encourage passion between lovers, red garnet absolute stone is a suitable for sexual relations and good health stone, worn on the body can all keep in touch with it, help your relationship to rekindle the spark.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz can help you increase your sexual energy, help all negative energy to lift, bring emotional stability, keep it in the bedroom, can enhance your intimacy with your partner, can help enhance masculinity.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra, and the two can resonate because it can promote the feeling of romance and love, and with its help, sexual desire can be healthy catharsis, the relationship between partners is more intimate, and we are full of love and feel comfortable with our partners. It reconnects us with divine sexuality and helps us explore who we are as sexual beings.


Citrine is a warm crystal that boosts confidence, helps you overcome shyness, helps you express and release emotional blocks, and is perfect for stimulating sexual desire, passion and intimacy.

This sunny crystal is directly connected to the sacral chakra, the energy center of our sexuality and intimacy. Citrine

It can also increase physical strength, which can increase libido.