6 crystals to clear your mind and improve your productivity

Crystals are known to help clear the mind, purify the mind, and focus, and when used correctly, it can help you achieve your goals and increase productivity. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a manager, or an employee, you can keep some crystals on your desk


Crystal is a master at dealing with all kinds of work challenges, including self-doubt, feelings of failure, lack of inspiration - even the shortcomings of unpleasant colleagues can be addressed with Crystal guidance, keep reading and this blog post will explore the right crystal for work use with you.



Citrine is known as the "stone of success", it helps to promote motivation and creativity, helps to clear the mind and focus, it is perfect for those working in the creative field, when you have a problem, or encounter a bottleneck, you don't have to beat your head against the wall, use Citrine, it can help you open your third eye, open channels for your imagination. Absorb lots of creative ideas. Help you get your work done and help you achieve your goals and aspirations.


Selenite is a very powerful crystal that can be used to purify energy and provide a positive atmosphere to the space, making it ideal for use in large offices or co-working Spaces. It is recommended that use in combination with Citrine can clear any obstacles related to finances.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Stone is called the "Stone of Opportunity" and is billed as a money gem, but it's not just helpful for the cash department, Green Aventurine can help you bring a variety of enriching experiences to your work life. For example, it can help you get a promotion, build a new partnership, or ensure that you are recognized at work.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is known as a "master healer." It boosts energy and mind, making it an excellent choice for those who want to increase their productivity. Clear quartz is also said to promote clear thinking and help with concentration.

Tiger eye stone

Tiger eye stone is a brown crystal that helps boost courage and confidence. It is also thought to help relieve stress and anxiety. Tiger's Eye stone is said to improve mental clarity and concentration, making it a good choice for those looking to increase productivity. You can also put this crystal into your jewelry.

Black Tourmaline

In the work will inevitably encounter many problems, such as colleagues call loudly, complain to the boss you, the relationship between colleagues is not harmonious, the Black Tourmaline on the desk is the best choice, it can shield you from negative energy, but also shield the computer, mobile phone, electromagnetic radiation field emitted, to avoid the anxiety and fatigue caused by it.


The above healing crystal is ideal for use at work, it can eliminate negativity, anxiety, low self-esteem. Make your mind clear and improve work efficiency. If you are looking for some crystal at work, these are very good, let the energy of crystal help you discover your hidden talents. Some can drive creativity, focus, confidence, courage, wisdom, knowledge, growth, or luck.