6 Effective Ways to Purify & Cleanse Crystals

The Meaning of Purification Crystals

Purification of crystals is a common practice in many spiritual and energy healing practices, which aims to clear the crystals of accumulated negative energies and restore them to their original vibrational state and clarity. This purification process is believed to enhance the healing power of crystals, making them more effective in energy healing, meditation, or as environmental harmonisers. Here are some of the main implications of purifying crystals

1) Restoring Energy Purity

Crystals are believed to absorb, store, and radiate energy. With use, crystals may accumulate negative energies or environmental impurities that may affect their effectiveness. Purification can help remove these energy residues and restore the clarity and purity of the crystal.

2) Enhancing Healing

In energy healing and spiritual practices, purified crystals are believed to be more effective in channelling positive energies and promoting physical and mental balance. Purification can help to ensure that the crystals used in the healing process are in optimal condition.

3) Maintaining Personal and Environmental Harmony

When placed in the home or work space, purified crystals can help maintain the balance and harmony of environmental energies, reducing stress and enhancing overall comfort.

4) Support Meditation and Spiritual Practices

The use of purified crystals in meditation and other spiritual activities can help clear the mind, enhance mental focus, and improve the quality of spiritual connection.

5) Reset and Recharge

Purification is not only about clearing negative energies, but also about recharging crystals to return them to an active and energised state, which makes them more effective in any new or ongoing spiritual work.

Possible Negative Effects of Unpurified Crystals

1) Confused or Blocked Energy

Because crystals absorb energy from their surroundings, they can accumulate all types of energy, including negative ones. If left uncleaned for a long period of time, these energies may cause the crystal's energy field to become confused or blocked, affecting its effectiveness.

2) Diminish the Effects of Healing

The use of unpurified crystals in healing and spiritual practices can lead to poor results. For example, if a crystal used for healing is laden with negative energies, it may not be effective in promoting physical and spiritual balance and may even be counterproductive.

3) Affecting Your Mood and Energy Levels

The use or wearing of unpurified crystals may have an adverse effect on an individual's mood and energy levels. For example, if a person wears a crystal necklace that has not been purified for an extended period of time, it may cause the wearer to feel low in energy or emotionally unstable.

4) Environmental Disharmony

Placing unpurified crystals in the home or workplace may affect the energy of the entire space, leading to a disharmonious environment. This may manifest as increased tension between family members or co-workers, or an overall atmosphere that feels heavy.

5) Hindering Spiritual Development

For those who rely on crystals in their spiritual journey, using unpurified crystals may hinder their spiritual growth and exploration. Clean crystals better support meditation, contemplation and other spiritual activities.


Regular cleansing of crystals is therefore an important step in maintaining and enhancing their positive energy, and is key to ensuring that crystals can be used optimally in a variety of use situations. This not only helps to enhance the energetic effects of the crystal, but also helps to maintain the overall well-being and harmony of the user.

Ways to Purify Crystals

1)Salt Water

Use a brine made from sea salt and water. Immerse crystals in salt water for a few hours or overnight to remove negative energies. It is important to note that certain crystals should not be cleansed with water as they may be damaged.

Suggestions for Cleaning Crystals by Soaking in Salt Water

Crystal suitability: Not all types of crystals are suitable for cleaning with salt water immersion. Some crystals may be sensitive to the corrosive properties of salt water, such as opal and garnet. It is therefore advisable to know the characteristics of the crystal and its reaction to salt water before using it.

  • Type of Salt: Use pure sea salt or rock salt. Avoid processed table salt or salt with additives as these may contain chemicals or colours that can adversely affect the crystal.


  • Soaking Time: Salt water should be soaked for a moderate amount of time, not too long. Generally, a few hours or an overnight soak is sufficient to cleanse the crystal; too long a soak may damage the crystal or alter its appearance.


  • Water Temperature: The water temperature should be lukewarm or room temperature. Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold to avoid shock or thermal expansion and contraction effects on the crystal.


2) Sunlight or Moonlight Bath

Expose the crystal to sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Both sunlight and moonlight are considered to be very powerful sources of energy and can effectively purify crystals. However, care should be taken as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may discolour some crystals.

Crystals that are Not Recommended to be Left in the Sun for too Long:




Rose Quartz





Tea crystal


Use the smoke of white sage, frankincense or other herbs to purify crystals. Place the crystal in the smoke and gently rotate it so that it is fully exposed to the smoke.

Suggestions for Cleansing Crystals with Smoke

  • Open all windows and catch burning ashes in a fireproof container.
  • Firstly, purify yourself and the room with incense, then purify the crystals.
  • To purify the crystals, either let the crystals pass through the smoke or use a feather, fan or hand to direct the smoke towards the crystals.
  • Imagine that the smoke will evaporate any negative energies you wish it to release, this sets the intention for your purification ritual, stating that you want the crystal to be refreshed and ready to go!

4) Soil

Bury the crystal in clean soil for a few days to a week. Soil is believed to have the ability to absorb and transform negative energy.

Suggestions for Cleaning Crystals with Soil

  • Soil Selection: Choose clean, pristine soil, preferably one that has not been chemically treated or contaminated. Organic soils are usually a better choice as they are rich in life energy.


  • Burial Time: Crystals should be buried for a moderate amount of time, not too long. Generally, a few days to a week is enough time for the crystal to absorb the energy in the soil and purify. Too long a burial may damage the crystal or change its appearance.


  • Crystal Type: Not all types of crystals are suitable for soil burial cleansing. Some crystals may be sensitive to the pH or composition of the soil, such as mica and gypsum. Therefore, it is best to understand the properties of the crystals and how they react to the soil before using soil burial.

5) Other Crystal

Using crystals that have been cleansed and energised, such as clear quartz or selenite, place the crystals that need to be purified next to them to help remove accumulated negative energies. Indeed, it is believed that selenite and clear quartz are self-cleaning and can cleanse other crystals. For this reason, they are considered one of the most powerful cleansing crystals. Cleansing with these crystals not only refreshes other crystals, but they require no cleaning of their own, making them a popular choice for many people who collect crystals. This method is also popular because it is not restricted by weather and can be used at any time.

Purifying crystals using clear quartz or selenite is as simple as placing them together so that they are touching or stacked on top of each other. As long as they are in contact with each other, this method will work and you can decide how long the purification will take as needed.

6) Sound

Use the sound waves produced by a chanting bowl or clearing fork to purify crystals. The vibrations of the sound waves can help realign the energy structure of the crystal. Sounds created with intention are said to cleanse crystals and help release old and negative energies. Playing an instrument into the crystals helps to purify them, and it can easily become a ritual that allows you to enjoy yourself in the process. Alternatively, you can use the sounds made by singing bowls, tuning forks or wind chimes, and even the sound of yourself chanting a prayer or mantra is said to be just as effective.

Questions You May Want to Know

  • How often do I purify my crystals?

The more often a crystal is used, the more energy it collects. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse all crystals at least once a month. If a particular crystal feels heavier than usual, cleanse it. You do not have to wait a specified amount of time between cleansings.

  • What is the best way to clean your crystals?

Find a method that resonates with you and your practice. What works best for someone else may not work for you, so pay attention to how you feel.

  • How do I know a crystal has been cleansed?

Crystals should be lighter to the touch energetically and physically.

  • What should I do with a purified crystal?

Find a suitable place to keep your crystals. If you can, place them near a window or plant so they can absorb natural energy. Or, just place the stones in your home, office, or other space in a way that matches your intentions.