6 healing crystals for children

There are many adults who collect a lot of crystals, are fascinated by beautiful crystals, study crystals, and hope that crystals can help them.

Similarly, beautiful and vibrant crystals also have a special appeal for children, children in the process of growth, will also encounter certain problems, and timely correction is a crucial thing. If your child is suffering from emotional, mental or health problems, then let's take a look at the following crystals to enlighten you.

Which crystals are best for kids?

Green aventurine

Green aventurine is called a "good luck" gem for kids taking exams or who need encouragement. It is also called a leadership stone. For shy, inner kids, Green aventurine is good for helping them break through, find confidence, and show their leadership skills to the full.


sodalite blue, this blue has a great calming effect, helps focus and allows children to think more clearly, it is recommended to keep it in the school bag, which is a useful stone for any student.

Clear quartz

Known as a "master healer", Clear quartz is a must-have in anyone's collection, like an all-purpose healer, so it is useful in many situations, and of course children are also fascinated by crystals, which can sometimes be found in small rainbows.


Amethyst is often popular with children, it is a calming crystal to help children better sleep, prevent the invasion of nightmares, conducive to the healthy growth of children.

Moon stone

Moon stone is really good for kids who are dealing with emotional issues or are hyperactive. This type of crystal can help your child feel more secure, which is very important when they are exhausted.


rhodonite It has such a gentle, loving energy that can help a child overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It is also gentle enough for children to wear for long periods in a bracelet, as a pendant or in a pocket. This is a gem that any child needs very much.

Tiger eye stone

The Tiger eye stone is a great cornerstone, and it is a very useful stone for children who lack courage and self-confidence. It can help children build self-esteem and strengthen courage.

Hopefully this article will give you an insight into the best healing crystals for your child! Browse our store if you need to and find some gems that will help your child achieve emotional, mental and physical health.