6 kinds of crystals to remove negative energy

There are many reasons in the world, there will be some negative energy, when the negative energy around, whether it is physically or mentally will make you feel uncomfortable. Different crystals can reconcile the negative energy on the magnetic field, and the energy brought by natural crystals can allow us to be healed. So which crystals can drive away negative energy, let's explore together.

Clear quartz

Known as the "healing Master," clear quartz has the power to absorb and transform negative energy, creating a powerful protective shield that keeps you from the negative influences of the outside world and keeps your inner peace and clarity. It contains too much energy, can guide the white light, let everyone peace of mind, pure and harmonious purification of the surrounding and the body's own negative energy, repair the loss of magnetic field, let the whole person restore vitality.

Lapis lazuli

By closing your eyes in a comfortable environment and imagining a peaceful or happy place to stay for a moment, you can quiet your brain, think clearly, remove creative obstacles, and stimulate your creativity.

Smoky quartz

Known as the purification crystal, the color of the smoke crystal is very diverse, from light brown to black, some are transparent, or translucent, because it can help regulate the magnetic field, so it is also a good solid energy of the crystal, can help you get rid of toxic thinking patterns and regrets, so that you release yourself, free from painful memories, regain freedom.


Emotional stabilizers can stabilize emotions, help you get rid of confusion and emotional invasion, and make you more determined and confident to face the challenges in life.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a super protective agent that can block the invasion of negative energy, shield stress and negative emotions, clean the energy field, and let you feel inner peace and tranquility.

black obsidian

Obsidian corresponds to the sea wheel, which can effectively remove negative energy from the body and promote new energy. This translucent, water-like luster crystal stone is particularly effective in resisting negative energy from others, and it can absorb negative energy