8 Crystals Suitable for Tarot Readings

The Connection Between Tarot Divination and Crystals

The use of crystals in the Tarot divination process has a profound principle that combines the energies and meanings of both, providing a richer and deeper reading of the divination.

  • Energy Resonance and Strengthening

Both crystals and tarot cards are believed to have unique energies that resonate and reinforce each other. The energy of crystals can help strengthen the energy field during the divination process, making the information clearer and more accurate.

  • Enhance Intuition and Insight

Crystals are regarded as energy guides and amplifiers, which can help the diviner to enhance intuition and insight. During divination, crystals can deepen the understanding of tarot card images and symbols, helping the diviner to better interpret the meanings of the cards.

  • Balancing and Cleansing

Crystals have a balancing and cleansing effect on energy and can help keep the energy field in a pure and balanced state during the divination process. This helps to ensure the accuracy and validity of the divination.

  • Expansion of Consciousness and Deeper Interpretation

The use of crystals expands consciousness and improves the focus of the diviner, enabling him or her to gain a deeper understanding of the information in the tarot cards, and to perform deeper readings and analyses.

  • Emotional and Spiritual Connections

Crystals are also believed to help create emotional and psychic connections, which are essential for understanding and processing the information in tarot cards involving emotions and the inner world.

Overall, the use of crystals in tarot divination has the effect of boosting energy, deepening understanding, and maintaining balance, providing the diviner with a more holistic and in-depth divination experience.

Crystals Suitable for Use During Tarot Divination

Rose Quartz for Empathise with Others

Energies and Effects: love, relationships and harmony. Rose Quartz helps to balance and enhance the heart chakra, boosting love energy and understanding.

Scenarios: Rose Quartz is the crystal of choice when addressing emotional issues, relationship troubles, and other situations. Adding Rose Quartz to a Tarot reading can deepen your understanding of others. Its energy brings you compassion and caring, allowing you to make a real connection with the asker.

Amethyst for Card Readings

Energies and Effects: intuition, insight and spiritual balance. Amethyst helps to cleanse and balance the energy field, enhancing psychic sensitivity and insight.

Scenarios: Amethyst is the crystal of choice when a deeper understanding of the inner world is needed to enhance intuition and insight. If you are new to tarot reading and need help understanding the cards, then bringing amethyst into your reading will help you. Hold the amethyst in your hand before shuffling the cards. Then, during the reading, turn over the amethyst if you need more clarity on the cards.

Obsidian for Stabilise the Energy Field

Energies and Effects: defence, protection and cleansing. Obsidian absorbs negative energies, protects the diviner from external interference, and enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of the divination process.

Scenarios: When there is a need to protect one's energy, prevent negative interference or cleanse the energy field, obsidian can be chosen as a crystal. Obsidian provides spiritual protection and purification. It absorbs negative energy and allows you to see things clearly. Obsidian is also an excellent stress-reducing stone, with its vibrations calming the mind.

Due to Obsidian's protective properties, placing Obsidian on your Tarot deck when you are not using it will keep your Tarot cards safe from negative energies. You can also wear obsidian during a tarot reading to ward off any negative energies that may affect the reading.

Lapis Lazuli for Communication of Information

Energies and Effects: communication, authenticity and inner strength. Lapis Lazuli helps to facilitate communication and expression, helping the diviner to be more authentic in expressing inner thoughts and feelings.

Scenarios: Lapis Lazuli can be used as a crystal when there is a need to solve communication problems, enhance expression or find inner strength. You can hold Lapis Lazuli or wear Lapis Lazuli jewellery when interpreting the cards to help you communicate better with the questioner.

Citrine for Boost Confidence

Energy and Effects: Confidence, success and positive energy. Citrine boosts self-confidence and positive energy, helping the Ascended Master to meet challenges and achieve success.

Scenarios: Citrine is the crystal of choice when it comes to boosting self-confidence, pursuing success or having a positive attitude. Learning the Tarot can be overwhelming and we feel discouraged from time to time. Citrine boosts your energy and provides you with the strength to continue your Tarot practice. Wear citrine as jewellery when working with tarot cards. This will allow its vibrations to lift your energy during divination.

Clear Quartz for Purify Energy

Energies and effects: clear quartz is a versatile energy amplifier for all types of divination questions. Using clear quartz in tarot divination enhances the energetic connection and depth of interpretation during the divination process. Not only that, clear quartz also has the cleansing effect of purifying energy and removing impurities.

Scenarios: Tarot cards are a spiritual tool and as such must be kept in a safe place. Cleansing tarot cards before and after a reading is very useful as it allows them to release any energy they have absorbed. Clear quartz crystals are perfect for cleansing tarot cards. Simply place the clear quartz stone on the deck for about half an hour before and after the reading.

Labradorite for Enhance Tarot Skills

Energies and effects: labradorite is a highly spiritual gemstone with connections to both the third eye and the throat chakra. Using this gemstone for tarot readings can enhance your intuition and spiritual awareness, awakening your deepest truths.

Scenarios: This gemstone connects you to a higher purpose and allows you to receive guidance from the universe. Place the labradorite on your altar during a tarot reading to enhance your tarot skills.

Fluorite for Interpret Dreams

Energies and Effects: Fluorite is an extremely calming stone. Fluorite is connected to the third eye chakra and enhances intuition when reading tarot cards. Keeping a Fluorite crystal wand nearby while reading Tarot cards can help you interpret the information in the cards.

Scenarios: Fluorite is also strongly connected to dreams, promoting dream recall and enhancing lucid dreaming. If you are going to perform a dream interpretation tarot reading, meditate with violet fluorite before you begin. This will help you understand the hidden meanings of your dreams.

How to Use Crystals and Tarot Cards in Combination

1)Choosing the Right Crystal

Firstly, choose crystals that are relevant to the subject or purpose of the divination you want to perform. Different crystals have different energies and properties, e.g. Rose Quartz is good for love and relationship issues, Obsidian is good for defence and protection, Amethyst is good for increased intuition and insight, etc.

2)Preparing Crystals

Before performing a dowsing, make sure the crystal is clean and full of positive energy. There are a number of methods you can use to cleanse and energise your crystals, such as placing them in the sunlight, soaking in cold water, and purifying them with a white candle.

3)Setting Intentions

Set clear intentions and purposes before you start dowsing. You can meditate or write down in your mind the information or guidance you wish to receive, which helps guide the direction and depth of the dowsing.

4)Shuffle the Cards and Ask Questions

Shuffle the cards and ask your question or topic. Ensure that you remain in a focused and meditative state while asking your question, allowing awareness and energy to connect with the Tarot cards.

5)Choosing a Crystal

Choose one of the prepared crystals to use as a guide during the divination process. You can choose the right crystal based on intuition or by resonating with the energy of the crystal.

6)Divination Process

During a tarot divination, place the selected crystal on a divining cloth or tabletop and begin to turn over the cards. Maintain an energetic connection to the crystals and cards during the divination process, focusing on intuition and feelings.

7)Readings and Analyses

Interpretation and analysis based on the energies of the turned over Tarot cards and crystals. Focus on the images and symbols of the tarot cards and the energetic guidance of the crystals to gain a deeper understanding of the messages and guidance in the divination.

8)Perceptions and Actions

Finally, reflect and take action based on the insights and guidance gained from the divination results. The purpose of crystal and tarot divination is to inspire and guide, helping you to better understand and deal with the situation or issue at hand.


Overall, crystals play an important role in tarot card divination; not only do they enhance the energy and depth of the divination, but they also provide the diviner with a more accurate and meaningful reading. By choosing the right crystals and having them cleansed and energised before use, the diviner can effectively navigate the divination process and gain deeper and more beneficial insights.

When using crystals and tarot cards for divination, the diviner needs to remain meditative and focused, listening to the inner voice and intuitive guidance. The combination of crystals and tarot cards not only provides a mystical and wonderful divination experience, but also helps the diviner to deeply understand the nature of the problem and find a solution to it.