8 kinds of crystals about love

For those who seek attractive crystals to help cultivate self-love and eliminate negative energy, these selected crystals have radiant healing properties. Whether you want to boost your relationship or repair a broken heart, or whether you want to attract a new partner, improve an existing relationship or heal an emotional wound, the healing properties of Crystal can help. Here are a few crystals that can attract more love into your life:

rose quartz

rose quartz is almost one of the most popular promotion of love transport crystal, it belongs to the heart wheel series of gems, pink has a light pink, even when the jewelry to wear is very beautiful, deep ladies love, I heard that rose quartz can emit pink light, can make people become more gentle, amiable, so it can enhance popularity, enhance love luck, it is said that powder crystal can open your heart more, Make you feel happy at all times, so there is a healing system of crystal light, so that you can let go of tension, irritability, and always maintain peace of mind.

White moonstone

The white moon corresponds to the top round of the superwheel, the moonstone is loved by women, it is said that the moonstone can relieve menstrual pain, enhance fertility and balance the endocrine system, the moon will make the mood and sense of security of the ladies fluctuate, the moonstone can stabilize the restless mood, so that you keep a clear mind, know how to be flexible, in order to cope with various changes in life, Moonstone is more suitable for women with strong personality, can soften your personality, will not often feel impatient and irritable about things, change your aura, become easy to get close, extremely high penetration can resolve the conflict between and partner, put under the pillow, you will have a better sleep at night.

Strawberry quartz

Corresponding to the heart wheel, for the stability of emotions and state of mind is very helpful, suitable for some people who feel uneasy and afraid of interpersonal relationships and love relationships, long-term wear let you slowly enhance confidence, can lie open, contact and accept new people and new things, make interpersonal relationships more complete! In the pink transparent strawberry crystals, the red inclusions look like strawberry dots. Strawberry crystal is one of the guardian stones of women, symbolizing love and beauty, which can improve the mood of love and make people more confident and positive in the face of love. Strawberry crystals have the effect of promoting female hormone activity, so the wearer can always stay young.

Pink opal

It is said that pink Opal is a kind of energy stone, can emit a kind of light that can penetrate the softest position of a woman's heart, stimulate the charm, romance, tenderness and kindness of women, so that the inner beauty is greatly improved, the beauty, creative force and artistic temperament are also inspired, attract people who really appreciate you, guide you to find the ideal partner.


Redstone has a beautiful red and white texture, red represents the warm fire, white represents the calm ocean, the mixture of the two is a balance of emotion and reason. People who often feel depressed, or often self-repressed, can lie down and express their inner feelings well with the people around them, so that you can affirm your self-worth and find your natural charm, which is very effective in improving interpersonal relationships and enhancing love.


Helps to improve interpersonal communication and communication. It opens the laryngeal chakra (throat energy center), boosts self-confidence, and helps express thoughts and emotions. At the same time, amethyst symbolizes power status, can enhance wisdom and wealth, attract noble people and enhance popularity, and can even ward off evil. Especially suitable for introverted personality, can give you courage and confidence, consolidate your relationship with friends, couples, couples.


Pulling feldspar exudes a unique gray luster, more with the change of light, produce different colors of light, it is said to be able to clear the negative energy in the body, is one of the healing department of crystals. It is also the crystal that guards love, which can resolve conflicts and contradictions between partners, so that both sides can better put themselves in each other's shoes, so that you can more easily find your soul mate, or deepen the feelings with the other half.


Garnet is considered a stone of passion, symbolizing an increase in your level of courage and positive thinking. This gem helps activate your root chakra and helps you feel balanced and secure through inner peace. It's a reflective gem with a lightness and infinite sexiness - both perfect elements for those looking to build relationships or enhance their love lives.