8 kinds of crystals for travel

Crystal is a gift of nature, it is widely used, extremely popular with people, charming and effective. Not only do these stones serve as beautiful decorations around the home, they also have therapeutic and protective properties. It stores energy, fends off other energies, and is a great travel companion.

Travel can better connect us with the world, it can bring us new things, energize us, make us excited, but it can also be overwhelming moments when you are out of the house, you may find yourself surrounded by different energies and vibrations that allow us to interact with the energy, if you carry crystal, it will help protect, shield and nourish the surrounding environment. Help us create a calm and safe atmosphere, relieve worries, let you go easily, and promote our smooth and safe travel. You can put them in your pocket and it will help you in many ways and bring you luck. We take a look at some of the best travel gems, these are the top crystals you can trust on your travels and you may want to take them with you on your next adventure.


The benefits of carrying crystals on your travels

It provides peace of mind and gives us a sense of being grounded when we are adrift in new places.

Bring positive energy to your entire trip and get lucky on your journey.

Ease your travel anxiety and guide you along the way when you are overwhelmed by problems on the road.

It can act as a shield against the negative energy brought by different environments.

Promote safe and smooth travel.

Perfect crystal for travel


Amethyst has protective properties, positive effects on the mind and soul, it helps to ward off negative energy, is effective in relieving anxiety and stress, and is a great sleep aid, when you sleep, put Amethyst under your pillow to help you sleep, or meditate in the morning to bring positive energy to your day.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a great stone for mental travel, absorbing the negative energy around you and bringing clarity and emotional stability to situations where you feel insecure or uncertain. To continue your mission of self-discovery and spiritual exploration.


labradorite is the perfect companion for travel. This protective stone not only clears away negative energy, but also boosts metabolism and has an effect on the body, ensuring that you are in the right state for the physical journey ahead.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz corresponds to the heart chakra, which fills your travels with positive energy, frees you up time for self-care, helps prevent travel burnout, and keeps you connected to others, wearing a Rose quart bracelet can also make you a magnet for love, whether it's meeting new people, connecting with your community, or attracting romance.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a great travel companion, it acts as a balm for your soul, putting a spring in your step, boosting your energy, giving you confidence and prosperity, wearing a Green Aventurine bracelet can act as an auspicious talisman and also encourage decisive action, making choosing your path easier.   


Citrine is full of sun energy and is one of the best stones for traveling. This stone is full of positive energy, fills you with optimism and joy, is a real treat for the nervous system, and it is also known for attracting wealth and other wonders.


Howlite means patience and insight -- both great skills to develop in the outside world. The most calming stone you can choose, wearing a Howlite bracelet can also help strengthen those higher chakras and help you call on your intuition.

black tourmaline

black tourmaline helps to reduce fear and play a protective role when needed, and it has a powerful grounding ability that can eliminate anxious thoughts. This works wonders for those who need to stay in touch with common sense and logical thinking instead of letting monkey minds dominate the party.

How to use crystals when traveling

Here are some common ways to use it

Wear as jewelry

You can wear a necklace, bracelet, or ring, which is close to your skin, creates a better connection with you, and can be used as a beautiful ornament.


Stuff them in your bag. The wallet or bag you use when you travel has a safe pocket where you keep some crystals so they are always close to you and you can reach for it as a reminder when stress, anxiety or worry comes up throughout the day.


When meditation has become a regular part of your healthy life, you can also meditate, holding the crystal in your hand or holding it close to you while you are away.

Under the pillow

When you are in a strange environment and the energy around you makes you feel strange, you can sleep with a crystal under the pillow to help you overcome sleep problems and bring you a sense of security.


Travel is beautiful, eye-opening and exciting, but it's also full of challenges and unknowns. On your upcoming trip, you are accompanied by the energy of Crystal, which can bring you comfort, support, high energy and protective atmosphere to bring you a better travel experience.