8 ways of crystal degaussing purification

When you use a crystal, whether you or someone else, the crystal will absorb energy from you, others, or the environment, and in appearance, it may be dusty and dull, and it will be obvious when you need to clean the crystal. In order to ensure that the energy of the crystal is full, we need to clean the crystal regularly and remove the old, negative and unhealthy energy on the crystal, so that we can carry out all matters smoothly. Next, I recommend 8 methods of crystal degaussing purification, I hope it will be helpful to you


Put the crystal stone on the natural crystal cluster or crystal hole, return to the parent body, you can get a good energy charging and purification. The larger the volume of crystal clusters and geodes, the better the effect will be. This method is suitable for all SPAR.

Rough rock purification

The crystal stone is placed in the crystal raw stone pile, and the natural crystal raw stone's own magnetic field is used to purify and replenish energy. Can be recycled, but remember to wash regularly, sunshine. If it changes color, it is recommended to change it half a year.

Sound purification

Sound as a healing medium, pure sound can make the crystal energy return to the original state. There is no special limit on the choice of sound, it is recommended to use a single frequency of sound, knock next to the stone such as singing bowl, tuning fork, etc., to restore the energy of the stone.


Burn the sage

Light sage and other incense materials, and then put the crystal stone nearby, so that it is smoked to the smoke, you can also hold the crystal stone to the top of the smoke around a few times to achieve the purification effect.


Moonlight purification

Putting the crystal stone on the terrace or window, bathed in moonlight all night, can play a good purification, the effect is even better during the full moon. Be careful to take the crystal back before the sun rises the next day to avoid sunlight damage to the crystal.


Sunlight purification

The sun has the characteristic of changing the energy structure, and the crystal stone is placed in the position that can be directly exposed by the sun, such as the windowsill and the terrace, the irradiation time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, which can help it recover the original magnetic field.

Not applicable: All colored SPAR, so as not to discolor or fade due to chemical reactions


Water purification

Wash the crystal in the flowing water for 3-10 minutes each time, so that the flowing water brings new energy. Tap water is fine, but natural water is better, such as a mountain spring or stream.

Not suitable for: structurally weak or metal-rich ores


Buried purification

The power of soil burial is large, the purification effect is thorough, but it is necessary to have a good soil environment to cover up the crystal, the time is about 7-30 days, and the daily purification is not recommended after cleaning, if the crystal energy has been consumed, or even the internal molecular structure has changed, the color is discolored or the color is very dark, and other purification methods are useless. It is suggested to bury in soil.