8 ways to use crystals in your daily life

Crystals are beautiful creations of the earth, born deep within the Earth's surface and brought into the light. Many people are enamored of crystals, not just because they look beautiful, they are also said to help improve sleep, healing the mind and mood and some other healing properties, crystals are vibration healing tools, enabling us to use their energy field to improve our own energy field.

So, how exactly do these sacred crystals heal us? How to use crystals, feel the energy of crystals, get help from crystals, and progress with crystals, here we will explore 8 ways to use crystals in your daily life.

1. Crystal Meditation

One of the most obvious ways to use crystals throughout the day is to meditate with crystals

You can choose to hold the crystal in your hand while meditating in a seated position, or if you prefer to meditate lying down, you can place the crystal on a specific chakra or energy center.

After selecting the crystal, hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your intention. Visualize the energy of the crystal entering your body and filling you with light. Continue to breathe deeply and focus on your intentions for as long as you want. When done, thank the crystal for its help and put it back in a safe place.

While you can use any crystal that is likely to give you the energy you need during meditation, some of the preferred gems to help ease anxiety and the spiritual realm are: clear quartz, leucite, red pomegranate, etc

2. Use crystal as jewelry

Wearing crystals and gems is one of the best ways to enjoy their beauty (and the amazing healing power of crystals) throughout the day. From earrings and necklaces to gemstone bracelets and rings, using crystals as jewelry allows you to maintain a constant connection with these natural objects, while also allowing you to explore and express your personal style. You can also choose a crystal that matches your intention and wear it as a necklace, bracelet or ring. For example, rose quartz is known as the stone of love, and wearing it can attract and enhance relationships.

3. Keep crystals in your pocket for good luck

I'm always pleasantly surprised when people tell me they have a favorite rock in their pocket or purse. Whether for good luck (try pyrite), or for other purposes such as preventing negative emotions (try malachite) or attracting prosperity (try topaz), serve as a talisman to attract or repel.

4. Crystal massage and body treatments

Combine the efficacy and healing power of crystals with a massage or body treatment for a truly holistic experience. Smooth, polished crystals, such as jade, clear quartz, or rose quartz, can be gently massaged on the body to promote relaxation, release tension, and stimulate energy flow. They can also be placed on specific areas or meridian points during treatment to address energy imbalances.

5. Put it under your pillow to help you sleep

Almost everyone will encounter sleep problems in their life, such as increased pressure from study and work, or poor mood and anxiety, which may lead to poor sleep. In order to get a peaceful night's rest, many people will put pink tourmaline, rose quartz and amethyst under the pillow before going to bed, in addition to helping to relax before going to bed. Crystals are also thought to help improve everything from better dream memory to enhanced lucid dreaming ability.

6. Keep crystals in your car

In order to get a good driving atmosphere, you can try to place some crystals in the car. Crystal can help you reduce stress while driving. Of course, different crystals will play different roles, such as black tourmaline for protection, transparent quartz to help focus and clear thinking, moonstone to increase alertness, rose quartz to represent love and good atmosphere.

7. Enhance your divination tools

Place crystals next to your tarot cards when you make them, or use crystals when reading crystal balls. Crystals can be used to power other divination tools, from pendulums to tarot cards.

Recommended crystals for use with divination tools include: clear quartz, lapis lazis, and amethyst

8. Crystal bath

For a truly relaxing experience, try a crystal bath. Put a safe, hydrophilic crystal in your bath water, such as rose quartz or clear quartz. It's like injecting calming energy into your bathtub, perfect for eliminating stress and anxiety.

Crystals are very interesting, beautiful and useful. No matter how long you've used them, or not, there's always more to learn. There is always new information to be discovered, and I hope this blog will help you learn more about crystal.