9 kinds of crystals that make people happy

Happiness or unhappiness exists in our brain, the world is just a mirror reflecting personal feelings, we get a variety of sensory experience and stimulation from the world, as for how to think and judge all these, all by the recipient of their own choice, so happiness is not an objective existence, it is a subjective choice. Today's blog introduces 9 crystals and stones with high vibrational energy that attract happiness. If you are looking to boost your sense of well-being and overall well-being, incorporating crystal energy into your daily life can help you achieve this goal.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye stone is often associated with happiness, strength and courage and can help promote stability and a sense of security while also boosting our self-confidence and courage.

It helps you to release negative emotions and thoughts from your body, resulting in a positive state and happiness.

Green AVenturine

Green aventurine is one of the best crystals to bring happiness and joy, it helps you balance your emotions, and when you find a place of harmony within yourself, you are less stressed and overwhelmed, and more able to feel happiness and joy.

Green aventurine is known for its ability to lift the spirit and help you see the bright side of life. By using the energy of Green aventurine Crystal, you will find yourself focusing on positive energies and intentions so that you can create a more happy and fulfilling life for yourself.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz corresponds to the heart chakra, which represents unconditional love, forgiveness, and heart-centered healing that releases blockages within the chakra and gets rid of negative emotions and emotional trauma.

Rose quartz is one of the most widely used and versatile joy crystals, love is healing and uplifting. Rose quartz is irrevocably linked to love and all it stands for. Friendship, family, romance and intimacy all fall within the scope of this healing stone.


Amethyst is a beautiful and charming gem that is beloved by collectors, and Amethyst's vibrant purple hue changes with the light, making it one of the most popular crystals wherever you go. However, it also has spiritual properties that make it one of the best happiness crystals.

Clear Quartz

As a master of healing, which helps you to keep your mind Clear, the virtues and power of Clear quartz have been recognized since ancient civilizations.

One of the ways Clear quartz can help you reach a state of true happiness is spirituality. With its help, you will gain ancient wisdom and a deeper understanding of the world around you. By wearing Clear quartz, you will increase your frequency and gain spiritual well-being.


A Malachite is a great stone that corresponds to the heart chakra, a high vibrational location for achieving emotional connection that can bring you more happiness

With the help of Malachite, you will be able to achieve everything you want to do. It is one of the most powerful happiness crystals because it can help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life.


The color of Citrine is associated with the warmth of sunlight and is an excellent crystal for promoting happiness and joy, and it is called the "stone of joy" to help eliminate negative emotions.

It also helps to stimulate creativity, boost self-confidence, and increase richness in all aspects of life, conducive to the creation of happy families, and ideal for home Spaces.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a grounded protective crystal that protects you from negative energies and promotes a balanced emotional state by purifying your energy and experiences, thereby helping to improve feelings of well-being and joy.

Using or wearing Black tourmaline can eliminate negative emotions, reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Sun stone

Just like its name, the Sun stone carries the light and warmth of the sun, embodying a positive attitude and joy of life. Its sparkling orange and red tones can lift spirits and encourage optimism, enthusiasm and an open lifestyle.

Sun stone is a reminder that the sun is always present, even on cloudy days, lifting the soul and lighting the way to happiness.