A crystal that gives you confidence

Self-confidence refers to the self-affirmation we need, discovering our own beauty, can make us more likely to feel happy and more likely to succeed. Healthy self-confidence can boost your self-worth, help you feel happier, reduce fear and anxiety, increase motivation, and many other benefits. Many people may directly associate hair crystals or topaz as two crystals that help boost self-confidence, but in energy healing we must first identify the cause of the lack of confidence before choosing the corresponding crystal.

So, before choosing a crystal, you can ask yourself, what is the reason that leads to your lack of confidence?

Dare not express oneself

Afraid of saying the wrong thing, afraid of putting forward opinions to be denied, every time the words to the mouth but can not say.

Recommended crystal: Blue crystal, such as Aquamarine, Sodalite, kyanite, Amazonite

Cure: Throat round, improve their expression and communication skills, also know how to express correctly

Fear of doing the wrong thing/making the wrong decision

Fear of failure, fear of screwing things up, feeling inadequate and making bad decisions, and being afraid to try again because of past failures.

Recommended crystal: Yellow crystal, such as Citrine, golden rutile quartz

Cure: Sun wheel, strengthen their decision-making power, enhance their ability to master things.

Fear of new challenges/environments

Afraid to step out of your comfort zone, afraid of challenges, anxious about new challenges/situations.

Recommended crystal: black/red crystal, such as black toumaline quartz, black obsidian, black toumaline quartz, garnet

Cure: Submarine wheel, enhance the sense of security, let yourself have a sense of stability

Psychological trauma from the past

Unable to walk out of the past, there are psychological shadows, afraid to start over, afraid of failure

Recommended crystals: Pink/green crystals, such as Rose quartz, strawberry quartz, Rhodochrosite, prehnite, peridot

Healing: Heart chakra, healing psychological trauma, learning to let go, accept, forgive

Feeling inferior to others

Always think that others are better than you, others know more, think that you can do nothing

Recommended crystal: Purple crystal, such as Amethyst, Purple fluorite

Cure: Eyebrow wheel, enhance learning ability, enhance thinking, analysis and judgment ability


Find the right crystals to help you boost your confidence, courage and self-esteem as we explore what makes these stones unique and how they can be incorporated into your life to make you stronger and more confident.