About Crystal

Crystal formation

Crystal is a quartz crystal mineral, its main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, chemical formula SI02.

The piezoelectric effect of crystal itself, which can accept, accommodate, project, emit, refract and reflect light energy, is the highest energy entity we know in the material world

Crystals are mostly formed in the process of volcanic eruption, by the cooling of hot mineral gases condensed into solid, after millions of years of complex geological activities, forming its unique structure and energy characteristics.

Legend of the crystal

Many centuries ago, the world was peaceful and harmonious, and people lived happily without suffering or hatred. But one day, the universe suddenly had a massive star collision, meteorites fell in chaos, and God fell from his throne. In the chaos and panic, the only thing that remained pure and sacred was the crystal, and people were gradually infected by the crystal and restored their kindness and friendliness. So the crystal became a symbol of purity and faithfulness

Whether the crystal has energy

There are many people who have doubts about the energy of crystals, and whether the crystals are the energy they say they are?

The answer : yes!

American scientific research has done an experiment, put in two cups about to fade roses, and then injected crystal liquid and water in the two cups, the results of the rose in the water survived for 5 days, and the rose in the crystal liquid inventory for 21 days.

It can be seen that the crystal does have energy, but where does the energy of the crystal come from?


The energy source of the crystal

Natural crystals can release an average of 8 million shocks per second, which contains powerful energy, and natural crystals through the earth at every turn more than ten million years of quenching, long-term resonance and interaction with nature, its positive magnetic field hidden a huge and infinite energy wave.


Crystal and human energy

The energy carried by the crystal itself has a stimulating and stabilizing effect on the human body energy

The crystal running up carries the color light energy and resonates with the corresponding human chakra energy, producing a complementary balance and stability

The mineral energy of the crystal resonates with the energy of some human bodies and produces an adjustment effect

Crystal and human body common element silicon, to ensure the crystal and human body energy resonance stability