Amethyst meaning and use


Amethyst has a mysterious and romantic purple, similar to love, amethyst is the birth stone in February, known as the "love guardian stone", meaning love is happy, it can give couples, couples in love honesty, courage, each other's feelings.

Meaning: represents spiritual, spiritual, high-level love, can be used as a token of affection for admirers.


1. Improve wisdom, enhance memory, calm thoughts, improve insight.

2. It can improve concentration and keep a clear mind at work.

3. Improve sleep quality.

4. Relieve stress, reduce mental fatigue, restore physical and mental balance.

5. Wide networking, enhance personal confidence, charm and attractiveness, enhance social skills.

Preservation: Amethyst is a colored crystal, as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight, while the hardness of amethyst is low, do not collide with hard objects or fall.