Ametrine:meaning and Therapeutic properties&benefit

What is Ametrine?

Ametrine, a type of crystal, is named because it has at least two colors of purple and yellow at the same time, and gem-grade natural Ametrine is precious and rare. Ametrine's purple color represents wisdom and yellow represents wealth, and crystals with both purple and yellow colors are believed to bring wisdom and wealth.

Ametrine is a gift of nature, and its formation process is very special and its production is rare. It is formed by amethyst in the condition of natural heat, between amethyst and topaz, and the energy is also very special.

Therapeutic properties of Ametrine

Psychotherapeutic properties

Ametrine is a turning stone, spiritually, Ametrine connects individuals to their higher self and promotes spiritual growth, it helps people release negativity and embark on a positive, spiritual and more fulfilling path, and its dual colors are believed to represent the balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life.

Physiotherapy properties

Ametrine helps rid the body of toxins, boosts immunity and improves health. It can also treat fatigue, skin irritation, allergies, as well as menopausal symptoms, and can be used to treat arthritis and hearing problems to help promote physical healing.

Affective therapeutic properties

Ametrine encourages people to deal with emotional problems in an optimistic manner, assess and resolve them calmly, help them maintain emotional self-control, help promote emotional balance and stability, and support emotional therapy by helping individuals maintain self-control, resolve conflict, be true to themselves, and resist the influence of others. Making it an excellent gem for those struggling with anxiety or emotional turmoil.

How to choose Ametrine

① color (color)

Color includes two factors: color intensity and color separation. Color intensity is the depth of color. The quality of dark color is higher than that of light color. The color separation refers to whether the purple and yellow interface is obvious, and the more obvious the color boundary, the higher the quality.

② cutting

A good cut can improve the quality of the stone, and if the cut is flawed, it will certainly affect the quality of the stone.

③ Clarity

The vast majority of high-quality Ametrine jewelry is required to be visually flawless. The defective ore is processed into ornaments and other crafts.

Because Ametrine is a crystal stone, the number of carats is generally not very large. A number below 5 carats will affect the Ametrine rating. The larger the flawless crystal (the pure body), the more precious it is


Ametrine combines the energy of amethyst and topaz, with purple representing wisdom, which stimulates creativity and insight, enhancing mental clarity and inspiration, and yellow representing wealth and bringing good fortune. It is also known as "love guardian stone", which symbolizes harmonious and rich love.

The benefits of Ametrine

1. It helps us break through our limitations

2. Change the frequency of negativity and negativity

3. Long-term wear on the body, can effectively relieve emotions

4. When in a bad mood and depressed, it can effectively relieve the wearer's tense nerves and make people feel happy

5. Perfect for people who want to change themselves and achieve a higher level

Where is Ametrine best placed?

Close to the sun

Since Ametrine can benefit from sunlight, consider placing it near a sunny window to replenish its energy.

Living room

Placing Ametrine in the living room promotes harmonious relationships and positive energy flow in the home.

Meditation space

Place Ametrine in your meditation or mindfulness area to enhance your spiritual practice and promote clarity of thought.


Placing Ametrine in your bedroom can promote restful sleep, balance mood and encourage vivid dreams.

Office or study

Placing Ametrine in your workspace can increase creativity, mental clarity, and productivity.

How to clean and care for Ametrine?

Timely cleaning and care is extremely important for your beautiful gems:

Cleaning can be done with mild soap and cleaning Ametrine jewelry with a mild soap and warm water solution. Use a soft brush to gently remove dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Ametrine can also be left in the sun for no more than 30 minutes to clean and recharge. When charging in the sun, you can also place it on a selenite plate. If you don't wear it often, you can store it separately in Ametrine jewelry to prevent scratching. Consider using a jewelry bag or box with compartments to protect each piece of jewelry. It is important to note that Ametrine is sensitive to chemicals, so avoid exposing it to harsh cleaners or chemicals found in cosmetics and perfumes.

More crystal information

1. Can Ametrine be placed in the sun?

Ametrine will fade if left in the sun for too long, so avoid leaving it in the sun for more than 30 minutes.

2. Which hand does Ametrine fit?

Your dominant hand is best suited to wear Ametrine to increase your productivity, confidence, and chances of success. For most people, this will be the right hand.

3. Can Ametrine be placed in water?

Ametrine is a crystalline component of the quartz family that can be safely immersed in water.