ammonite fossil meaning

The meaning of ammonite fossil

ammonite fossil is a Marine animal fossil known for its distinctive spiral shell. It is believed that they contain the energy of ancient wisdom and are used as tools of healing and transformation. Ammonite crystals are believed to promote emotional balance and stability and are commonly used to release negative patterns and behaviors. It is also believed that they provide protection from negative energy and can be used to purify and purify the aura.

The healing power of ammonite fossil


ammonite fossil contributes to overall health and longevity, depression, labor pain, cellular metabolism, osteomyelitis, and tinnitus.


Psychologically, ammonites stimulate your survival instinct, letting you know that if you just keep at it, you'll get there. Ammonites encourages you to seek and achieve personal strength in your life.


Able to transform all the energy you receive into love and positivity, this stone will deepen your meditation experience, enhance your mood, relieve any type of trauma, and enhance your endurance, it will also help you achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit when you wear the ammonite pendant, it will help you achieve a state of health and serenity.

How is ammonite fossil used

ammonite fossil has a variety of uses and how you use it depends on your intentions and personal preferences, some common ways to use ammonite fossil include:

Wear them as jewellery (e.g. pendants or bracelets)

Place them on the body during meditation or energy work

Use them as home decor elements

Keep them in your pocket or purse

Hold them during visualization or presentation exercises

How to care for ammonite fossil

The simplest is to bury the fossil in a garden or basin and inject your intention in the process, or light a bunch of sage or palusanto and let the smoke surround the fossil for a few minutes. You can also imagine the process of transforming harmful energy into positive energy.