Aquamarine meaning and use

Aquamarine is the birth stone of March, which is a symbol of calm, courage and wisdom, and has the title of "the stone of the brave". It is also called "Fu Hai Stone", which means peace. Wearing aquamarine can boost self-confidence, relieve stress and relax the spirit

Common origin: Afghanistan, Brazil, Namibia, Pakistan, United States

Related signs: Aries, Gemini, Pisces

Corresponding chakra: Laryngeal chakra

Protect the travelers. It is good for brain health and intelligence. It helps to learn, communicate and build courage. Build tolerance and responsibility. Make things happen.

Physiological level: Good for kidney, lymph, body fluids, blood, teeth and eye health. Helps to improve swollen glands, edema and wound swelling. Improve eyesight. Helps to cool the body in hot climates.

Emotional/spiritual level: brings peace, compassion, spiritual awareness and development, and the realization of the true self. It helps to improve the critical attitude. It can lead you to connect with your inner self and higher self, and is good for concentration and meditation. The energy that gently unblocks the chakras. Cleanse negative energy when used in visualization exercises.


1. Calm your emotions and clear your mind

2. Enhance your courage and self-confidence

3. Enhance personal inspiration, improve personal communication skills, and ease interpersonal relationships

4. Aquamarine corresponds to the "throat wheel", which can improve expression and language skills

5. Aquamarine has long been used as a talisman to protect peace

Suitable for people:

1. People who lack confidence

2. People who lack expression skills

3. People who are confused and impatient

Symbol: calm and brave, happiness and long life