Azurite meaning and use

What is azurite?

azurite is an alkaline copper carbonate mineral, closely associated with malachite, which occurs in the oxidation zone of copper deposits and is a secondary product of oxidation of copper-bearing sulfides. azurite can be used as copper ore to refine copper, also used as blue pigment, high quality can also be made into crafts.

azurite is a copper-bearing carbonate mineral belonging to the monoclinic crystalline system, which is very rare and is usually an aphanitic stalactite, massive, crusty, nodular, and fibrous aggregate. It has concentric lamellar, fibrous radial structure. There are green, malachite green, dark green, etc. Often ribbon, silky luster or glass luster, seemingly transparent to opaque. The refractive index is 1.66-1.91, the birefractive index is 0.25, and the polychromatic property is colorless - yellow-green - dark green. Hardness 3.5-4.5, density 3.54-4.1g/cm3. Brittle, knife-high to jagged fracture. React with hydrochloric acid and dissolve easily.


The history of azurite

As early as 4,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians mined the mines between Suez and Sinai, using malachite as a talisman for children to ward off evil spirits. In Germany, people who wear malachite are believed to avoid the threat of death.

In some parts of Germany, it is believed that if the sun is carved into azurite stone, the gem will have the power to rid people of evil spirits and hidden dangers. azurite stone is given the meaning of "happy wife".

How to identify

The difference between azurite and similar jade. azurite is characterized by its special peacock green color and typical bands, which is not easy to be confused with other gemstones, but similar to beryl and silica malachite, the difference is that turquoise has a high hardness, a low density of 5-6, a low density of 2.6-2.9g/cm3, and a low refractive index of 1.62. The hardness of malachite is small, 2-4, the density is small, 2-2.4g/cm3, and the refractive index is 1.57.

place of origin.

The world famous production areas are Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia, Zaire, the United States and other regions.

Therapeutic properties of azurite

Physiotherapy properties

azurite removes barriers to life and physical barriers that can harm your health. Has the ability to help cells heal and ensure a steady flow of oxygen through the body and brain. Can help treat dementia and any other condition that has a degenerative effect on the body. It can also help the body overcome migraines and headaches, and can work wonders when it comes to detoxification. When you use azurite, your face will be rosy and your teeth will be strong.

Affective therapeutic properties

azurite helps to resolve anxiety, it illuminates every corner of your soul, plays a certain healing role, and allows us to cope with life's complex situations in a more mature and kind way. When people strive to be honest with each other and want to have healthier, happier relationships, azurite is a gem that fits well.

Psychotherapeutic properties

azurite is a magical gem that helps you rely on your own power and get rid of the shackles of guilt as well as likeable behavior. azurite will not only give you the inner strength to face your fears, but it will also help your heart unravel all the mysteries and find the root cause. It is closely related to the third eye chakra. Its vitality prompts you to let go of outdated ideas, reveal your identity, and become one with nature.

This rich blue gem can inspire you to be more honest, ethical and reliable at work. It allows you to better express your opinions, beliefs, and feelings, while also broadening your horizons.


How to use azurite

For home or office use

azurite can clear the negative energy of the room, open the creative heart, and bring you a wealth of inspiration. Not a heart Chakra or throat chakra stone, azurite is also a good stone to help with communication, so whether it is a family or relationship environment it is a pleasant thing to do, it encourages connection, truth telling and big picture thinking.

Carry around

The blue color and high vibration make this stone so stunning that it will make you feel as if you are carrying a piece of heaven around with you. Blue copper bracelets, rings on fingers, and even pendants have the advantage of being in close contact with the skin. If you are looking for a gem that is symbiotic with azurite, you can choose to wear it with silicon malachite, which has a creative spark, or lapis lazuli, which has a flickering soul energy.


Placing blue copper on linen with a lighted candle next to it set the tone for healing and certainly brought about a remarkable change. Reclining in the classic meditation position and gazing at the gem for a few seconds is a technique used to calm nerves through deep reflection.

Concentrate on the diamond as much as possible while avoiding eye contact and taking note of the thoughts that arise from your activity. Connect your spirit higher.


How to care for azurite

azurite is a tough stone that needs to be thoroughly scrubbed and occasionally recharged to obtain. It is a sacred gem recognized for its ability to remove emotional and sexual barriers. When cleaning azurite, all you need now is a soft towel and some mild warm water. Or put azurite in the moonlight to inject energy into azurite.