Black rutiled quartz meaning and use

Black rutiled quartz

Black rutiled quartz refers to the content of black acicular or hairlike material, including different kinds of acicular ore inclusions of natural crystals. These different arrangements of hair-like substances are distributed inside the crystal.

Black rutiled quartz are a mysterious and unique crystal that many people believe has the ability to withstand negative energy, It is an effective talisman, which is said to have the effect of transforming negative energy, protecting itself from the influence of negative energy and creating a peaceful environment. Helps reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions

Black rutiled quartz is called "leadership stone", which can enhance energy, expand business capabilities, and help the cause

The Black rutiled quartz corresponds to the submarine wheel, which means to help discharge the negative energy on the body, which can make luck better and help the body


1. Relieve stress, regulate emotions, and block negative energy

2. It can enhance leadership skills, which will be of great help to the career

3. The corresponding submarine wheel can improve the weak qi deficiency