black rutiled quartz meaning and use

What is black rutiled quartz?

black rutiled quartz is a special hair crystal, its crystal form is triangular crystal system, belongs to a kind of hair crystal, it contains minerals showing black hair or needle, and there are many small bubbles, crystal clusters and impurities and other minerals inside the crystal. black rutiled quartz is known as "leadership stone", which can make people focus on goals, enhance leadership charm and make themselves full of motivation. Wearing black rutiled quartz can increase personal aura, strengthen decision-making and leadership skills, and thus contribute to career development. black rutiled quartz corresponds to the submarine wheel, which can help discharge the sick qi and turbid qi on the body, which is of great help to the body and personal luck.

Healing properties of black rutiled quartz

Physiotherapy properties

black rutiled quartz has many rejuvenating and rebalancing properties, and this stone will give you new strength and revitalize your life. It relieves nausea, stimulates the immune system and boosts metabolism, and is thought to help with breathing problems, digestive problems and skin problems.

Emotional therapeutic properties

This stone is known for its ability to calm, soothe and relax the body and mind. It can help balance emotions and express yourself better, it can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression by calming the mind and body, and it can help release negative emotions such as anger, guilt and fear. Clear your mind and develop a more positive outlook.

Psychotherapeutic properties

This stone is a powerful healing agent that helps to remove any energy barriers that hinder spiritual growth, and it can be used to help open and protect your aura, as well as providing a connection to the spiritual realm, black rutile quartz helps to improve focus and concentration and make thinking clearer.

Use of black rutiled quartz

1. It can be placed around your home to bring you positive energy.

2. Can be used for meditation, holding the stone in your hands and focusing on the energy it provides to help you be more clear and focused on your intentions.

3. Place on specific parts of the body to help open the chakras and bring balance.

4. Wear black rutiled quartz as jewelry, which can bring positive energy to you.

No matter how you choose to use this stone, it can be a powerful tool to bring balance and harmony to your life.


Identification method of black rutiled quartz

General black rutiled quartz, crystal turbidity, affecting the beauty, and the best black rutiled quartz, hair and crystal clear, no turbidity, cloud, ice crack. Gifts are generous and decent, and wearing them is more charming. The third characteristic of synthetic crystal is its immaculate cleanliness. Natural crystals often contain inclusions and sponges, while synthetic crystals are crystal clear. Individual synthetic crystals have bubbles or some solid impurities. Recently, some synthetic crystals often have long triangular tubular pores, in which there is a green fiery red powder. This kind of long tube is characterized by parallel arrangement in one direction, triangular section, often uneven green fiery red powder distribution along the wall, the middle is often empty, and the end of the long tube has a trend of sharpening. The true natural hair crystal is the crystal containing tourmaline, actinite, rutile and other minerals, these minerals have the shape of gas crystal, such as the "bamboo" shape of actinite. They are wrapped in crystal, non-directional random arrangement, thickness and length name is different, and often accompanied by natural crystals inherent inclusions and sponges. Look for inclusions, ice cracks, etc.

How to clean black rutiled quartz?

Any crystal needs to be cleaned, it needs to be cleaned when you take it home, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. As time goes on, it may begin to show signs of use. However, as its advantages begin to wane, energy supplies are also at risk of running out.

black rutiled quartz can be cleaned by rinsing under clear water. To clean it, simply submerge it in water for a few minutes, either in a bowl or directly under running water. Cleaning the crystal well can rejuvenate the tired crystal. Dry with a soft cloth and you're done! Do not use bleach or ammonia on jewelry. Only pure water will do. There are more efficient ways to clean.