black tourmaline meaning and use

What is black tourmaline

black tourmaline is dark to pure black, an opaque tourmaline. It is usually an iron-rich or rich variety and is the most common of the various tourmalines. It is commonly found in the contact zone of granite, and in crystalline schist, gneiss and phyllite treated by gasification agents.

Natural black tourmaline in the strong light, there will be variegations, the surface will have different degrees of growth lines, no matter how high the grade of black tourmaline, there will be growth lines, like cracks, feel like fragmentation

black tourmaline corresponds to the "submarine wheel", which can absorb and weaken the negative energy in the human body to help people reduce stress and fatigue, eliminate the sick qi in the body, and have a positive effect on human health.

[Origin] : Brazil, USA, China, etc

[Rarity]: Rare

[Transparency] : opacity

Crystal system] : trigonal crystal system

[Hardness] :7-8

[Specific gravity] :3.01-3.11

[refractive index]:1.727-1.657

Exterior features of black tourmaline

black tourmaline, also known as black tourmaline, is mostly presented in the form of raw ore, and some will be symbiotic with calcite and appear black and white, which has a kind of Tai Chi visual sense. Its appearance is square like a warrior in armor, and because of the obvious crystal and straight growth crystal lines, produce a sense of integrity and dignity. black tourmaline, which contains iron ions and sodium ions, was first discovered in tin mines and attracted attention because of the phenomenon of electromagnetism. Often used in health-related work in the past, there are still many biotechnology studies that believe that black tourmaline can help health, continue to release negative ion properties, and more quickly eliminate toxins or negative energy for the body. The tripartite black tourmaline is perhaps the strongest mineral in the whole tourmaline family. It can bring powerful electromagnetic energy, so that the entire magnetic field is re-activated, and the external magnetic field is re-arranged to restore a harmonious arrangement. For people who have trouble connecting the mind and body, black tourmaline can also assist in the connection, reuniting the originally separated state of mind and body, and cleaning up the parts that are stuck.

black tourmaline corresponds to the chakra

The black tourmaline corresponds to the energy of the submarine wheel and the foot wheel. The foot wheel is the extension of the submarine wheel and the entrance and exit of the human body to connect with the earth energy. It is responsible for the flow of the excess energy or negative energy received by the submarine wheel out of the human body and back to the earth. Many people because of insufficient contact with the earth energy, resulting in turbidity and negative energy remaining in the body, producing an abnormal sense of heaviness, at this time you can use black tourmaline to accelerate the speed of negative energy discharge

The healing power of black tourmaline


black tourmaline is known as a powerful stone. It can link people's energy to the earth, give people a profound sense of stability and security, and promote self-awareness and belonging. The energy of black tourmaline helps people stay grounded in the present moment while laying the foundation for spiritual growth and exploration. Black tourmaline is best for keeping you grounded, so it can help keep you mentally healthy. It also keeps you in touch with spiritual forces, and in addition, it keeps you spiritually aware during the dark times of your life. It also protects you from the dark spiritual forces around you.


There are a variety of health benefits on the physical level and it has a detoxification effect on the body, helping to remove toxins and pollutants that may cause disease or imbalance. This crystal is also said to have a positive effect on the immune system, promoting overall health and vitality. In addition, black tourmaline can help you prevent health risks associated with electromagnetic fields, such as chronic lung diseases. It can effectively protect against heavy metals, radiation and pollution. It can boost your immune system and improve blood flow throughout the body, and it is worth noting that black tourmaline can boost our metabolism.


Black tourmaline absorbs and transforms negative emotional energy, which is perfect for people who are highly sensitive to the emotions of others. It protects our emotions and creates a barrier between ourselves and any external influences that may disrupt our emotional health. Helps support emotional stability, reduces anxiety and relieves feelings of stress.

After a traumatic or exhausting experience in your life, when you are most likely to have negative thoughts and emotions, to ease your burden, you can use the power of black tourmaline. With its ability to eliminate negative energy and bad emotions, you can remain calm and composed during these unfortunate moments.

The use of black tourmaline

Wear a black tourmaline

When you are feeling stressed and insecure, you can wear black tourmaline as a jewelry, which acts as a protective barrier to help you resist the attacks of negativity, energy and bad emotions. In addition, wearing gems allows you to connect with them for a long time, making you feel safe and secure wherever you go. Wearing jewelry with black tourmaline will protect you from the risk of radiation and contamination.

Use at home

black tourmaline has anti-radiation, heavy metal pollution and other effects, placed in the home, it can protect you and your family from pollution and radiation and other negative natural energy effects. Placing black tourmaline in the corner of your home can protect you from harmful substances to reduce their adverse effects on the body.


black tourmaline is one of the gems commonly used in meditation, which allows you to maintain an energetic connection with the earth and enter into meditation on a deeper level, in addition, adding black tourmaline can help you stay calm and composed. What's more, it clears your mind of negative thoughts and emotions; Therefore, you can meditate with a purer mind. It also allows for safe spiritual exploration.

How to clean black tourmaline

Any crystal is best cleaned before use, this will ensure that the stone is ready and can absorb any new energy you wish to bring into your life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to place it under running water, apply gentle pressure with your hands, or gently submerge it in sea salt for about 10 minutes. Make sure not to immerse the crystal in water, as the salt will damage its surface over time if it is soaked for too long. Then, place the crystal on the windowsill overnight to allow the moonlight to fully recharge.