blood stone meaing and use

What is blood stone

Blood stone is also known as Blood chalcedony, and agate, chalcedony, belongs to cryptocrystalline quartz crystal, is a kind of Blood red to brown spots, translucent to opaque dark green chalcedony, and rich in iron, Blood stone is a variety of chalcedony, Blood stone meaning is vitality, remove negative energy.

The healing power of Blood stone


Blood stone helps regulate blood pressure, detoxify the liver and kidneys, and support circulation. Purify the blood and reduce toxins in the body.

Emotional therapy

Blood stone allows us to reduce chaotic thoughts, encourages our intuitive abilities, and allows us to process things more clearly and decisively. It is also an optimistic stone that promotes creativity and the ability to see the bright side of life.


Capable of promoting spiritual grounding and protection, overcoming electromagnetic pressures from relief, Blood stone represents a brave spirit.

The stone is also said to clarify hazy thoughts and enhance the spirit more than anything else. Most importantly, the blood stone can ward off evil spirits and forces.

How to use blood stone


Wearing blood stone can follow close contact with the body, and these healing vibrations can be more directly reached where they are needed. Whether it is a necklace, ring, bracelet, it has a healing atmosphere from head to toe. Wearing or carrying a chicken blood stone can improve mental clarity and aid decision-making, it can lift the spirit when motivation is lacking, and it can rejuvenate the body and mind if you are exhausted.


Use at home

Blood stone It not only has the power to protect, but also brings a strong sense of vitality to the space. For those who want a vibrant space, Bloodstone allows you to fill your home with a free and lively atmosphere.


Bloodstone also contributes to the development of knowledge and clarity of mind. It strengthens the connection between mind, body and spirit. To meditate with this gem, sit down and hold the blood stone in your left hand. Close your eyes, think of the good memories, and then imagine a light shining in front of you. Place the blood stone in your heart. Feel the peace of the moment, and then think about your wishes and desires. Open your eyes and breathe in and out.

How to clean blood stone

All gemstones need to be cared for in order to reach their full potential. blood stone is relatively hard. With an average of 6-7 Mohs hardness, this gem is impermeable to scratches and abrasions, and it is recommended to use a cloth, brush, soap and water to clean the blood stone.