Blue onyx meaning and use

What is blue onyx?

blue onyx is a carnelian with jade blue agate alternating, with vivid colors similar to sea blue, the different blue tones create an attractive look, although the bands are parallel rather than curved, they look like agate, which is completely natural.

Therapeutic properties of blue onyx

Physiotherapy properties

The energy of blue onyx is therapeutic and it boosts your body's strongest defenses to protect you from aggression.

blue onyx is commonly used by people to treat blood problems, and its vibratory energy is said to stimulate the digestive system, promote healthy digestion, help regulate metabolism, and improve overall vitality to help strengthen the immune system.

Psychotherapeutic properties

blue onyx can help you have better emotional health, it can help you achieve stability, calm emotions, help you cope with toxic environments,

Blue agate is said to have properties that can help individuals connect with their inner self and gain deeper spiritual awareness to release negative energy. Its energy is thought to stimulate the third eye and the crown chakra, which are associated with intuition, spiritual awareness, and higher consciousness.

The role of blue agate

Bring good luck

blue onyx keeps you away from negative energy, provides you with more options, helps improve your financial situation, gives you the confidence to realize your business idea, and removes obstacles that lead you to make mistakes and poor decisions.

Have protective effect

Blue agate crystal provides the best defense against harmful emotions, traumatic memories, and other dangers. The stone can also help you achieve emotional balance by draining toxic energy from the interior and clearing the gold field.

blue onyx can help defend against harmful emotions and painful memories of the past. Excluding the toxic energy inside, it inspires the image of a serene blue ocean, helping to clear the chaotic and noisy mind. According to legend, this blue stone can be a powerful ally for divination or spiritual rituals. It is claimed to protect you from mental attacks, burnout and bad moods.

Improve insomnia

This stone helps create a calm and balanced atmosphere in your bedroom to improve sleep and allow you to fall asleep,

When you dream, it can help you deal with problems effectively, enabling you to wake up with creative and original ideas. Shielding protects against outside influences.

Boost confidence

Wearing the blue onyx can give a person confidence, help you to approach work and life with confidence and optimism, it can give you the courage and perseverance to pursue your true life goals.

This rock encourages you to step out of your comfort zone while helping you overcome shyness. In addition, this rock may help you overcome social discomfort.

Depression and anxiety

This stone helps you focus and soothe your mental and emotional body, freeing you from psychological chains and emotional pain that are the root cause of your sadness, anxiety, and other emotional problems.

If you are constantly in a state of anxiety, then this fit is an excellent stone that encourages you to live in the present, instead of dwelling on the pain of the past and imagining the future.

How do I use blue onyx?

At home or at work

Placing blue onyx in your home or office can promote a sense of calm and tranquility in the surrounding environment, create a peaceful atmosphere, help eliminate negative energy and promote good health.


The calming energy of the blue onyx makes it an excellent tool for meditation. It can help you connect with your inner self and gain a deeper spiritual awareness.

It helps you feel happier and happier in life, helps to change your negative situations, and provides you with strength.

Wear as jewelry

Blue agate is often used to make amazing jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. Wearing Blue Onyx jewelry can add elegance to any outfit while promoting inner balance and harmony.

How to clean blue onyx?

With the frequency of use, it is important to clean the crystal regularly. For the blue onyx, I usually do the simplest cleaning by first soaking the blue onyx in fresh water and then using a mild soap to remove the stain, being careful not to use any clean water with cleaning agents or other additives.

Another option is to clean the blue onyx in the sun or under the moon, placing the stone on a sunny windowsill during the day and in the moonlight at night.



blue onyx is a beautiful and powerful stone that people love for its benefits for the mind, body and spirit, its great strength and calming energy to help people achieve goals and improve relationships.

Blue agate has many uses, including as jewelry, decorative items, and healing crystals, and its unique physical strength and spiritual properties make it a versatile tool for promoting balance, happiness, and personal growth.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry or a powerful tool for spiritual growth, blue agate is a gem worth exploring.