blumblebee jasper meaning and use

What is blumblebee jasper?

blumblebee jasper is a rare form of limestone that forms on active volcanoes and is bright yellow-orange and black. A lot of people think the yellow-orange part is sulfur, but it's actually realgar, the white/gray part is calcite, and the black layer is pyrite. It is not true jasper because it does not contain quartz like all true jasper varieties, nor is it a single mineral. It was formed from a mixture of lava and sediment from an Indonesian volcano. It's not a single mineral. blumblebee jasper was named blumblebee jasper because of its distinctive yellow, black, and gray stripes, which resemble the butt of blumblebee jasper. It has joyful and empowering energy that can help us make big changes in our lives.


The healing properties of blumblebee jasper


Psychotherapeutic properties

blumblebee jasper is a stone of clear perception that helps to remove energy blocks and then be spiritually consistent that can provide spiritual healing and clarity. It can help a person clear the mind of negative thoughts and clear the understanding of how to move on with life.

blumblebee jasper also helps us embrace our full selves, both the light side and the shadow side. It tells us that the complete self is more interesting and powerful than any limited self-concept.

Physiotherapy properties

blumblebee jasper has physical therapy properties that help achieve physical goals, such as losing weight, maintaining weight, or overcoming infertility. blumblebee jasper helps us explore our options, do our best, stay positive during the long journey, and help us see hope. Good for people dealing with national, hypoglycemic, diabetes, or other blood sugar related issues, like a talisman. They need to pay extra attention to their daily habits so that their bodies are in balance.

Affective therapeutic properties

blumblebee jasper is believed to provide people with emotional healing and a sense of stability, to be a stone of courage, to help explore options and maintain a positive attitude during a long and challenging journey, to encourage us to enjoy life, to fill ourselves with joy and beauty, to give us attention and love, and to help us stop worrying about what others think of us. Instead, focus on becoming a better version of yourself.

How to use blumblebee jasper

Home or office

blumblebee jasper is a magical and beautiful stone that does more than just decorate a space, making it ideal for your home or office. When Bumblebee Jasper is present in your workspace, it can alleviate your long-term worries and enhance your creativity, leading you to see inspiration spring up everywhere.

Carry at all times

Putting blumblebee jasper in your purse or pocket can quickly improve all aspects of your life, it helps increase your vibration and keeps your body active, increases your strength and endurance, and with this stone, the ability to go through the stressful routine of a day without breaking down.

For meditation

This stone is perfect for meditation, and in just a few minutes a day, you will soon feel its very powerful properties,

But it is recommended to use stone on clothing rather than bare skin, because its composition is slightly toxic, but this does not reduce its vibration capacity.

Wear jewelry

blumblebee jasper jewelry is often made into jewelry pieces, beautiful pendants, bracelets, etc. Wearing it as jewelry not only adds an uplifting color, it exudes a strong positive energy throughout the day that will have a huge impact on you and those around you.

How to care for blumblebee jasper

Bumblee Jasper is relatively fragile, and blumblebee jasper has a Mohs hardness of 3. It is easy to chip or break if you do not dispose of it properly, so it is recommended that you store it in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box, avoid contact with other jewelry and hard surfaces, and clean it regularly with mild soap and warm water.

The fit of the washed blumblebee jasper can be soaked in a bowl of soapy water for about 15 minutes, then gently scrubbed with a soft cloth, and then washed with clean water, taking care to avoid exposing the jewelry to extreme temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight, as this may cause the color to fade or the gemstone to crack.


blumblebee jasper is the result of a combination of many minerals, including calcite, volcanic ash, pyrite and realgar, that can help people make major changes in their lives and help them make choices. In addition to its metaphysical healing properties, it is also loved by the public for its unique beauty.

This powerful gemstone has been used in a variety of applications, including jewelry making, and proper care is essential to maintaining its beauty. It is a unique and powerful stone that can be used to bring positive change to our lives.