Charoite Meaning &Use

What is a Charoite?

Charoite is a purple calcineite with a charming purple color mixed with a small amount of white, purple and white are entwined together without direction, Charoite is a newly developed ore it is dazzling, because of its rare purple and pure white texture interwoven exude a dazzling beauty

Charoite does not belong to a kind of amethyst, Charoite is formed by the intrusion of strong alkaline nepheline syenite into limestone, with special pressure, temperature and chemical composition compared with amethyst, Charoite has a unique origin and structure.


A rare and rare purple gem discovered only in 1965 in the former Soviet Union, it was first discovered by geologist Vladimir Ditmar. Its purple fiber is directionless winding, like a cloud dragon flying, so it is called Charoite. In Eastern and Western cultures, purple indicates luxury, honor, and imperial power, and is a special color for the noble class, especially purple gems. In Byzantine times, monarchs from The direct line of the royal family would add the words "Born To The Purple" to their title, indicating their orthodox origin, in contrast to monarchs who obtained the throne by other means.

Therapeutic properties of Charoite

Psychotherapeutic properties

Charoite is a powerful purple gem that helps you unclog the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the Tien so that we can receive positive energy, Charoite encourages you to express compassion in a more relaxed way, it focuses on your mental health, and helps you to recognize and understand your subconscious needs.

Physiotherapy properties

Charoite has healing powers for the body, it's great for helping with stress, it's great for controlling blood pressure, it helps with liver problems, the ability to calm is also very beneficial for those with Asperger's or ADHD, it's also able to help rid the body of toxins, it's an effective pain reliever, it helps with symptoms like muscle pain and migraines.

Affective therapeutic properties

Charoite is a great aid to emotional healing, it awakens our self-confidence, strengthens our courage, helps us find inner strength, it brings clarity and helps us make better choices instead of being trapped in fear and confusion. Will not let us fall into depression, but for us to find sweetness and surprise.

How to use Charoite


Charoite is great for meditation, and by holding this stone or keeping it nearby during meditation, it is a gem with spiritual power that you may find easier to move out of your head and into connection. This stone will open you up to everything while ensuring that you stay safe and protected.

Wear jewelry

One of the best ways to embrace the mysterious energy of Charoite is to wear it close to your skin. Wearing Charoite close to your body allows you to experience its mystical nature, and when you wear Charoite jewelry, you are inviting the gemstone to connect to your own vibrations, which can increase your frequency. Wearing gemstones is the easiest way for crystals to work their magic, as they can send healing exactly where it is needed.

Charoite is popular for ornaments, charms, studs, badges and brooches. Whenever you choose to purchase goods, please pay attention to the accessory options and choose the right one for yourself.

At home and at work

When you are fit for frustration at work or school, Charoite helps you solve problems and overcome the most challenging career and financial problems, it will help you improve your perception skills, Charoite provides you with the mental clarity and awareness needed to navigate and overcome career or work challenges, while helping you solve the most difficult situations.

Under the pillow

If you have trouble sleeping, you can use Charoite, put it under the bed, give you a peaceful state of mind, conducive to sleep throughout the night, can allow you to sleep well.

How to clean and care for Charoite

Charoite is a delicate gem, we need to pay attention when cleaning, Charoite can not be placed in water soak, rinse with running warm water for 2 minutes, the surface is easy to be scratched and broken. When using a Charoite as an accessory, remember that it must be protected from being rubbed or scratched by blunt objects. Because it is sensitive to heat conditions, only use cold or warm water for cleaning, never use hot water.

More crystal information

1. Can Charoite be soaked in water?

Do not soak in water, but can be placed under the water for 2 minutes.

2. Is Charoite expensive

The unique appearance of Charoite, the limited supply and its origin have led to its relatively high price, with Charoite costing around $1.10 to $3 per carat. Small pieces cost a few dollars, while larger specimens can cost hundreds of dollars.

3. Can Charoite sun?

Do not leave Charoite stone in the sun, as this can cause it to fade and crack.

4. What is the black spot on the Charoite?

The common black spots in Charoite are usually composed of a mineral called aegirine. Aegirine is a dark mineral that forms needle-like crystals within a copper-garnet matrix. These black inclusions are natural and give Charoite stone its unique beauty. They contrast sharply with purple and lilac, adding depth and complexity to the stone's appearance.