Citrine meaning and use


Citrine has a brilliant luster that is better than the sun, and it is especially eye-catching in the crystal family, known as "crystal Citrine". Citrine can not only bring visual enjoyment, but also has extraordinary abilities in the crystal family.

Citrine has always had the reputation of "wealth stone" in the market, people think that the bright yellow light of Citrine will affect the material life worn, and bring unexpected wealth, this effect is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Citrine.

Natural Citrine is currently divided into two kinds, Brazil Citrine and East China Sea Citrine

Happiness is derived from Citrine can adjust people's mood, make people calm, impetuous mood become calm, mood, happy, and often wear topaz make people self-confidence greatly enhanced, no longer hesitate, confident.


1. Citrine is closely related to the success of wealth, it has the ability to attract wealth and abundant energy, and has a regulating effect on the success of career and wealth.

2. Citrine helps to eliminate physical and mental energy and negative energy, can relieve stress, anxiety and tension, and improve the overall positive energy and emotional state.

3. Citrine symbolizes confidence and courage, which can help us build self-confidence, eliminate inner doubts and fears, and stimulate positive thinking and action.

4. Citrine is considered to be the stone of wisdom, able to stimulate and regulate brain activity, it helps to improve attention and memory, while clearing up confusion and confusion in the mind.

5. Citrine can balance the energy, so that our inner peace and harmony.

Corresponding chakra: Sun chakra umbilical chakra