Clear quartz meaning and uses

Clear quartz

clear quartz is one of the most common and widely used crystals, and is also known as the "king of crystals". It is a colorless transparent quartz crystal with a high degree of purity and energy.

Because clear quartz  has the most pure and stable magnetic field, and will not be disturbed by other forces and magnetic fields, clear quart can produce continuous and stable shocks, making people's minds clear.



Purification and energy balance: clear quartz can help clear negative energies and restore balance and harmony

Calm and relax: clear quartz helps relieve stress and anxiety, bringing peace and relaxation

Amplify energy: clear quartz  can amplify the properties of all other crystals, amplifying energy.

Enhance inspiration: Use clear quartz to think and see clearly, increase intuition and inspiration, and improve focus.

Meditation and spiritual growth: clear quartz is very beneficial for meditation and spiritual growth, it can help increase awareness and awareness, connect to the higher dimensional consciousness.


Chakra and energy

 Clear quartz corresponds to the top chakra of the human body, which is often referred to as the "soul wheel". It is an important channel of human energy. Wearing clear quartz can activate and balance the energy of the top chakra, so that the energy of the human body can be unimpeded, and personal spirituality and insight can be enhanced.


Hardness and superposition wear

The hardness of clear quartz is higher, and most gems can be superimposed to wear, such as agate, red agate, obsidian, but it should be noted that clear quartz  should not be worn with iron, steel and other metal jewelry at the same time, so as to avoid friction scratches or damage.