Cooperate with crystal

All you need to do is hold the crystal near you, hold it with both hands, or wear it close to your skin to experience its positive effects. Try to carry around a small crystal in your bag or pocket, they can benefit you at every moment, hold or play with the crystals that make you feel attracted.

You can also reap the benefits of crystals through meditation crystals, which can help you meditate; You can also put crystals in the water and drink the so-called crystal water, but make sure that the crystal water you choose is safe to drink. By placing certain stones at the seven main chakra points, you will also find that crystals can heal the body's chakras.

Of course, you can simply choose to enjoy the beauty of crystals in your surroundings and use the special energy these crystals bring into your home, from thriving gardens to selling real estate, from softening hard water to bringing harmony to your important relationships.

Crystal meditation

Meditation is an art of meditation, and if you can meditate with your crystal every day, you will find that many interesting things will begin to happen. You'll notice that you're feeling better, healthier, and emotionally stronger. You'll be more at peace, relaxed, and full of energy. Your mind will be more settled, but at the same time you can still hear your own voice. Whatever you are doing can be done more efficiently, and gradually, your life will get better.

Meditate with crystals

Plan a time when you will not be disturbed, then find a quiet space - at some point in the future, this quiet space can exist in your mind, but at first it is easier to start from a physical space. Turn off your phone and any other devices that make noise or distract you. If necessary, put a "do not disturb" sign on the door to avoid other people, play soft music, put some crystals around, and light candles.

Breathe in a relaxed way to bring attention back to your inner center and calm yourself. Now, choose a crystal and let all your senses explore that crystal. Connect with the crystal and pay attention to all the senses, any feelings that arise in your heart: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Stay in this process for at least ten minutes, but if there is time, it can last up to an hour. No matter how much time you can spend, the most important thing is to repeat this meditation routine every day.

You may suddenly find that meditation feels different one day, and this may also vary depending on the crystal you choose. For example, you may feel relaxed one day, but you may feel refreshed another day, and this difference is very normal. You may feel happy, calm, peaceful, agitated, excited, or sad. All feelings are acceptable - let them happen naturally. Don't block out unhappy feelings. These things will pass.

Unlock Crystal Power

This meditation is specifically designed to open your mind, calm your body, and free your soul to be more receptive to the healing energy of the crystal. Create a special space for yourself and surround yourself with as many crystals as possible. You can sit or lie down and make yourself comfortable.

You don't have to interrupt your meditation just to follow the instructions below. Ask a friend to help you read the meditation to you, and you can take turns. You can also record a meditation guide and play it while you meditate so you can listen without distraction.

Crystal meditation

1. Hold a white crystal in each hand. Close your eyes and feel the crystal energy in your hands. Imagine crystal energy flowing through your arms, into your shoulders and chest, fill your heart with it, and let it flow up into your head. When the energy reaches your inner center, it begins to examine your thoughts, one by one, each one drifting toward the energy and disappearing. a Keep doing this until all your thoughts are gone.

2. Now the crystal energy will gradually seep into your body. It flows through your chest, shoulders and heart, gently washing your heart with clear, calming crystalline energy. This clear, calming crystalline energy flows from your heart to your abdomen And the pelvis, down to the thighs, into the feet all the way to the toes, until your whole body is filled with clear, calm crystalline energy.

3. Immerse yourself in this clear, calming crystalline energy, just relax and enjoy it. Let this energy wash away any annoyance, discomfort, or pain you may be feeling.

4. When you feel ready, slowly become aware of your body. Pay attention to how your body feels, slowly open your eyes, and enjoy the space you see. You are ready to work with your crystal, whether you use it on yourself or on others.