Crown Chakra Healing: Best Crystals to Use

What is Crown Chakra

The meaning of the Crown Chakra is enlightenment. It serves to open your heart and connect it to a higher power in the universe. It is the bridge between the spiritual and material worlds, correlating our intellectual and spiritual connections. The Crown Chakra is the center of personal spiritual awakening and understanding of the knowledge of the universe, which influences our spiritual growth and connection to our higher selves.

Location: Top of the head

Color: Purple or White

Planet: Uranus

Life Issues: Spiritual awakening, wisdom, cosmic connection

Glands: Pineal gland

The crown chakra develops naturally after the age of 45, and whether you are over 45 or not, you can use crown chakra crystals and gemstones to clear the seventh chakra in a variety of ways.

Ways Crystals Work on the Crown Chakra

  • Sound Healing

The seed syllable or mantra for the Crown Chakra is "OM", the same as for the third eye. In addition, science has shown that chanting "Om" or "Ohm" is very beneficial for meditation and concentration. Hindus believe that Om is the voice of creation, and holding the crystal in the palm of your hand while slowly chanting the "Ohm" mantra over and over again will open your chakra. In addition, using an Apex Chakra crystal to express intentions is also very effective.

Holding a Crown Chakra crystal in your hand and chanting positive affirmations is an excellent technique for setting intentions, clearing negativity and activating the crystal grid. By chanting affirmations related to the seventh chakra, you can utilize thoughts, sounds, and breath energy to access higher power, spiritual awakening, and psychic abilities. Here are some affirmations to open the Crown Chakra:

I am guided by God.

I trust my intuition.

I fulfill my desires with the help of the Universe.

I honor my body, mind and soul.

I am relaxed and free.

  • Sonic Healing

Does each chakra have its natural frequency and Solfeggio frequency? The natural and Solfeggio frequencies of the Crown Chakra are 768 Hz and 963 Hz. You can activate your Crown Chakra by playing music or a song based on these Crown Chakra frequencies on a web platform. Or buy a Tibetan chanting bowl that harmonizes with your Crown Chakra and place your Crown Chakra crystals next to the chanting bowl or speaker so that the crystals can be energized by the Crown Chakra sound bath prior to use or wear.

  • Meditation

Meditation is the best way to open the Crown Chakra because it has a greater effect on your mind than on the other centers of your body. To open the Crown Chakra, visualize the symbol of the Crown Chakra as a purple thousand-petaled lotus flower in a golden circle. The symbol also includes the seed mantra (Ohm) in the center of the lotus.

  • Yoga

The 7th chakra yoga poses target your upper body to awaken psychic abilities, strengthen your brain, and connect you to a higher power. The best Crown Chakra yoga poses are Padmasana, Sirasana,  Shavasana and Vrikshasana.

To enhance the effects of Crown Chakra yoga, you can place the Crown Chakra crystal on a yoga mat or on top of your head while doing yoga poses.

  • Diet

The Crown Chakra is associated with purple fruits, vegetables and herbs. According to science, purple foods are great for brain health. Of course, Crown Chakra foods are not limited to the color purple.

  • Aromatherapy

Crown Chakra essential oils are also very effective for memory, concentration and meditation. In addition, the essential oils associated with the Crown Chakra are also beneficial for activating the parietal chakra. So, which essential oils to use to open the Crown Chakra?








Sweet Pine

Crystals for Crown Chakra


Characteristics: Did you know that our Crown Chakra is sometimes referred to as our bridge to the cosmos, and with the use of an lepidolite Palmstone or Tumble, you can set up a crystal grid to unclog the Crown Chakra and pave the way for a spiritual destiny.

Usage: Charge the lepidolite with positive affirmations before setting up the lepidolite Grid.


Characteristics: Much like Clear Quartz, Transparent Selenite sheets are also used to clean other crystals. But did you know that Translucent Plaster is also very effective for expressing intentions? All you need to do is meditate while holding the Plaster to activate your Crown Chakra and enhance your expression.

Usage: Perform this ritual on the night of a full or new moon, as selenite are ruled by the Greek moon goddess, Selene.

Clear quartz

Characteristics: For most crystal lovers, clear quartz is the crystal of choice for cleansing other crystals. Because it is a high vibrational crystal, clear quartz can transform negativity in your Crown Chakra into positivity regardless of the person, place or object. The white light reflected from the clear quartz will clear the energy blocking your seventh chakra.

Usage: All you need to do is take a palm-sized or arm-sized stick of clear quartz and rotate it clockwise around your head, the four corners of your home, or a negative object after sunrise.


Characteristics: Amethyst protects you from spiritual harm and most people mention amethyst when talking about the Crown Chakra because it is full of wisdom, knowledge and spiritual awareness. In addition to being one of the most popular amethysts, amethyst can transform your mind and emotions by opening up your highest energy centers and connecting them to the out-of-body chakras.

Usage: The way to activate the Crown Chakra using amethyst is to take gemstone water. In this method, you place the amethyst in water and then drink it to heal the internal Crown Chakra.


Characteristics: suglite is often suitable for cleansing the Crown Chakra and helps to calm the mind. The purple crystal heals potential scars, wounds and blockages in your Crown Chakra. It is a nourishing crystal that attracts divine love into your life.

Usage: suglite Jewelry and Palm Stones can enhance your spiritual aspirations and awareness. I recommend wearing them as earrings, necklaces or crowns (tiaras) to keep them close to the 7th chakra. In addition to the Crown Chakra frequency, you can recharge your Sugilite Crown Chakra jewelry by chanting Ohm or positive affirmations.


This article explored how specific types of crystals can be utilized to open and activate the Crown Chakra, enhancing spiritual awareness and inner peace. The article explains the importance of the Crown Chakra as a key point of connection to the universal energies, and that with the right crystals, we can promote spiritual awakening and mindfulness. The article describes in detail the energetic properties of crystals and how they can be used to balance and energize the Crown Chakra in meditation and daily life. In addition, the article provides practical advice on placement, meditation techniques, and clearing methods to help readers maximize the potential of these crystals to enhance personal spiritual growth and inner wisdom. With these guidelines, readers can better understand and utilize crystal energy for the overall development of the body and mind.

Questions You May Want to Know

  • How can the use of specific types of crystals help open the Crown Chakra?

Specific types of crystals, due to their unique energetic vibrations, can match the frequency of the Crown Chakra, thus helping to clear and activate this energy center. These crystals can promote spiritual opening and enhance intuition and inner wisdom.

  • How can I use crystals to activate the Crown Chakra during meditation?

During meditation, place the crystals on top of your head or in your hands and focus on the position of the Crown Chakra. Through deep breathing and meditation, the energy of the crystal can be directed into the Crown Chakra, thus helping to clear and activate this energy center.

  • Besides meditation, what are some other ways to use crystals to open the Crown Chakra?

You can wear crystals on your body, keep them by your pillow, or carry them with you in your daily life. Keeping the crystal in contact with your body provides ongoing energetic support to help keep the Crown Chakra balanced and active.

  • How do I choose the right crystal for my Crown Chakra?

When choosing a crystal, first go with your intuition and feelings. You can go to a physical store and pick one out in person or pay attention to the pictures and descriptions of the crystals when purchasing online. Everyone reacts differently to crystals, so choosing the one that resonates with you is paramount.

  • How do I clean and energize my crystals?

Cleaning your crystals can be done by rinsing them with water, exposing them to sunlight or moonlight, and purifying them with aromatherapy. Recharging can be done by placing the crystal in a natural environment, such as in sunlight or moonlight, or by recharging with other elements of nature such as flower petals and salt.