Crystal for healing physical diseases

Understand the pain

Health is a state of balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies that exist in and around us. The energy around us comes from the world we interact with and experience, so we are all inextricably connected to the environment. In the Buddhist concept

Scientific theories such as Einstein's theory of relativity, and even Feynman's theory of quantum dynamics and the quantum realm, all hold that everything in the world is connected. The notion that everything is an individual is illusory; each individual action affects the others and continues to spread


Equilibrium energy

When your energy is balanced, we are in a comfortable state; When energy is not balanced, we are in an "uncomfortable" state and are very vulnerable to various diseases. The use of the word "unwell" rather than "ill" throughout this book is intended to emphasize imbalance, to show us that what ails us comes from our own imbalance. Angelite, blue agate, calcite (of all kinds), carnelian, mad agate, emerald, jasper, opal, quartz crystal, ruby, rutile, silver, tiger's eye, and tourmaline all help us balance energy, remove discomfort, and maintain or restore health in the process.

Whether it is emotional, mental or spiritual stress, it can turn into symptoms of physical pain, and unlike psychosomatic symptoms, these pains are real. Years of accumulated stress can be debilitating. Amethyst, carnelian, obsidian, pyrolusite, rhyolite, rutile, gloss obsidian, Shurite, natrium calcite, and epidotite can help you identify, understand, and transform potential stressors.

Chronic emotional tension can sometimes become an unfortunate part of life, and in order to cope with it, you begin to accept or ignore it. Once that happens, it's hard to change your behavior patterns. The crystals mentioned above can help you identify the underlying causes of your discomfort, and you may be able to uncover those underlying causes when you work with them to deal with an apparent symptom

There are more than 250 crystal treatments for general ailments in this chapter, the first half of which is physical treatment, the second half is emotional treatment, and the content contains recommended crystal prescriptions for each listed symptom, which are presented separately for your convenience, and it is important to note that many physical symptoms are caused by emotional factors. The second part is about crystals that strengthen the spiritual realm and life. You can find more crystals here to help you grow, from providing spiritual protection to helping you communicate with animals, to giving more inspiration to your creative talents, and more.


Crystals work by balancing our tiny amounts of energy (also known as Qi, life gas or

Life energy). When these energies slowly find an equilibrium, we are healthy

The condition will improve, and the symptoms caused by the pain will completely disappear.

All physical ailments have an underlying cause, and the Crystal will find it directly. Physical symptoms can come from many hidden causes, so if you don't feel a positive change from a particular crystal, try switching to another crystal. I will list several crystals for one type of illness, please try to start with the bold crystal, if you do not respond at all within 30 minutes, try another one, or find out more about the disease

Other descriptions of pain. If in doubt, try quartz crystal, Asestelite, epidote, beryllium, or sukoelite, which usually help in all situations. Purple fluorite can help with most uncomfortable situations from the deep soul, while blue silanite Crystal Water is effective for the healing of all minor ailments, and Phoenix Stone can enhance the healing effects of other crystals. If you see a "+" sign in a pain entry, it means you should use multiple crystals at the same time. If you often use the same crystal for the same symptoms, the results will get better and faster.

Since crystals move your energy, you may feel worse for a while before you feel better. Don't worry, although in some cases the feeling lasts for up to 21 days, it usually lasts only a few minutes. Crystals can purify or remove toxins from the chakra system, in which case you may notice changes in physical symptoms that may spread throughout the body. This is because crystals bring to the surface problems that you don't want to face, and if you let the process continue, you will end up feeling incredibly comfortable.

My personal experience and that of others is that a complete crystal healing session results in an overall better condition for the person being healed. What you should be aware of is that symptoms are an expression of an underlying illness or discomfort. Therefore, if you feel unwell, we would strongly advise you to seek the help of a qualified doctor or other alternative treatment. Although science has proven that crystals can do many things, so far, there is still no experimental evidence to confirm that crystals have a direct effect on human physical pain.


Abdominal bloating

Place a stone on the affected area


Place an amethyst on the affected area or apply a crystal water made of jade externally.

Achilles tendon rupture

Place bluenite or magnesite at the core

Muscle soreness

Place a stone on the affected muscle for at least 30 minutes. It is also helpful to carry powder crystal or amethyst crystal water with you on weekdays. If symptoms persist, a magnet can be attached to the affected area.

Gastroesophageal reflux

Place bornite, dolomite, or olivine on the area of your chest that feels uncomfortable. When the stomach acid drops, move the stone down with it until the discomfort subsides. Carrying or wearing olivine can reduce or prevent this symptom. hyperacidity

To carry or wear dolomite or olivine,


Carry or wear peridot,


Carry or wear any of the following crystals (or keep a large crystal near your bed or other place where you will be staying for a long time): amethyst, amber, sodium magnesite 壐, jade, or transparent plaster. Place one of these crystals in the worst place every day; You can also crack it as amber crystal water and use it on the skin.


Purple spodumene is the best choice for severe addictions, lepiolite is used for milder conditions, and blue chalcedony can target conditions related to childhood problems. Amethyst can help with symptoms. Blue chalcedony + breccia jasper + leucite + olivine + topaz, zincite or zeolite can help with alcohol addiction. Lithiolite or crossstone can get you out of your addictive personality. After abstaining from the symptoms of addiction, barite can speed up your return to normal life.

Adrenal disorder

If you want to treat Cushing's syndrome and hyperaldosterone, you can hold a sukusulite for at least 30 minutes every day. Dolomite, nephrite, powder and black Biton or Turbinite crystal water may also help.

Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Treatment for acquired immune deficiency syndrome must be performed daily, preferably by a trained crystal healer = Chevron amethyst, asterodolomite, sanilite, sphalerite and titanium quartz will all be helpful; Fluoroscopy can increase the number of T cells. Also refer to the "immune system" and other independent symptoms of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. airsickness

Carry hematite + turquoise and play with these gems to increase skin contact as much as possible. allergy

Carry or wear albite, potassium , silicated wood, topaz, turquoise or zircon to prevent and treat all allergy symptoms. Fairy Crystal Crystal Water can be used for skin allergies. Chlorite is very useful for immediate relief of allergic reaction symptoms. alopecia Place a lithiorite on the affected area

Alzheimer's disease

Carry or wear white lead ore or Alexandrite. Amber or rubric is good for memory. anaemia

Carry or wear hematite, bornite, bronzite, topaz, garnet, goethite, hematite, meteorite, grape stone, ruby sphalerite or iron tiger's eye at all times of the day. Wear the ray for at least 3 months after the condition improves to avoid recurrence.

Anal discomfort (may be caused by hemorrhoidal hysteria, minor infection or inflammation such as Crohn's disease)

Put a topaz, tiger's eye or hawkeye stone under your seat cushion or cushion.

Have healthy bones

If you want healthy bones. You can work with the following crystals (carry or wear them). Place it in a relevant location. A/or keep a large crystal near you): Amethyst, azurite/malachite, coral, dolomite, emerald, fluorite, garnet, albarite, jade, lapis lazis, magnesite, silicated wood, purple fluorite, pyrite, roseite, alborite, snowflake obsidian or zircon · gypsum, and turnerite crystal water can strengthen fragile bones.

Anaphylactic shock

Once the situation is under control. The moonstone will speed up recovery.

Angina pectoris

To wear or wear porphyry, see-through, or emerald; Keep a large crystal near your bed, desk, or other place where you stay for a long time to carry or wear magnesite, which can improve the health of crown.

Ankle discomfort

Place the smoke crystal on the affected area. Ankle weakness

Place the smoke crystal on your ankle. anorexia

To wear carnelian or fluorite. Meditate with a fluorite every day (see Chapter 2) and hold a fluorite before eating.


Carnelian can increase appetite, while apatite can reduce appetite.

Aids-related Syndrome (ARC)

See the article "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)" and the individual symptoms.


Place phylloalbite or magnesite in the affected area.


Place the following crystals on the joints with the most severe symptoms for at least 30 minutes a day: apatite, azurite, blue agate, blue alum, Phoenix stone + copper, garnet, gold, magnet, malachite, black garnet, silicated wood, roseite, black bilite 壐 or turquoise. You may find that as one joint gets better, the other joint gets worse. Amethyst Crystal water can also relieve chronic symptoms.

Short of breath

The following crystals can relieve the symptoms of chloropnea: amber, amethyst, azurite/malachite, carnelian, Phoenix stone, albite, jade, morganite, powderite, and vanadite. If your wheezing is caused by a pollen allergy


Crystal disinfectant

Emerald, malachite and amber are all sterilizing. Can be useful in the event of minor cuts or cuts. Place rent Verde or malachite close to your skin. Or use amber crystal water

Carry or wear turquoise. If your asthma is natural and unrelated to hay fever, you can carry or wear emeralds.


Place olivine on the eyelids


Gently rub sapphire on your skin for a few seconds to help your pores close.

Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHA/ADHD)

Wear amethyst and beryl and keep them by your bed at night. Holding a blue calcite seal can help relieve immediate symptoms.



Wear amethyst, gold, beryl or soda stone and keep them under your pillow or next to your bed at night.

Sharp back pain

For compressed or swollen nerves that may cause severe pain, lie down and place carnelian, chromica, garnet, gold, Hindu stone, quartz crystal, hypersite, or sunstone on the upper or lower back. If you have chronic back pain, wear or wear crystals.

Back ache

Lie down and place a long see-through cast on your spine, or place gems under your mattress at night. Carry fluorite, hematite, jasper, lapis lazuli, Hindu sacred stone, magnetite, sapphire or turquoise. Sphaerite or topaz is helpful for pain caused by muscle injuries. Fluorite can be used for low back pain.

Bacterial infection

Carry, wear, or place the following gemstones near the affected area: amber, amethyst, emerald, jade, or nephrite. You can also refer to specific symptoms of infection.

Equilibrium problem

Amethyst, angelite, apatite, blood stone, Bagel stone (a pair), carnelian, Perspective stone, emerald, jade malachite, Czech meteorite, orange calcite, quartz crystal, ruby, titanium crystal, soda stone, tiger's eye, and Bipress all help. Hold any of these stones each day and sit quietly for 30 minutes until the balance improves.


To carry or wear beryl. Bell's palsy

Keep Rhomboite + garnet + zircon close to the affected area for 5-10 minutes several times a day · to relieve symptoms · Carry stones throughout the day · and place stones under your pillow or near your bed at night