Crystal for Pisces

Pisces is born between February 19 and March 20 in the twelfth house of the zodiac, east of Aquarius and west of Aries. The guardian stars are Jupiter and Neptune. The color is Marine blue.


This is a romantic and dreamy person, full of enthusiasm for life, but lack of strain ability, Pisces like others to arrange everything for their own order. Most women in this sign are childlike girls.

In the face of exciting events, or frustrating situations, Pisces mood changes are not very drastic, on the contrary, will tend to be smooth and calm. Pisces is the end of the ancient reincarnation, and the soul after this ancient reincarnation is a transparent. Perhaps this is why they are always trapped between spirit and desire, retreating into a dreamland of their own creation. They love to dream and fantasize all the time, and often move this complex to the real environment, which is somewhat unrealistic, but they are kind and have the sacrifice and dedication of absolutely giving up themselves and helping others; They are sensitive, kind, kind, generous, aloof from worldly affairs, gentle, sentimental purists, but also the twelve constellations of the most "passionate" one.

Pisces is an ancient and complex constellation, containing too many emotions, so in the emotional ups and downs are very large, contradictions, sensitive sensibility, intellectual, poetic and delicate touch, all kinds of impact will produce unparalleled artistic genius. For example, in our study of classical music, Pisces is the most numerous of the twelve constellations. Perhaps, this is another manifestation of their intoxication.

In short, this is a constellation full of divinity, demon, understanding, strong observation but also sad and indecisive, lack of self-confidence, neurotic (if it is a woman, it is made of tears, a woman of women), self-control is not strong, and capricious like a mystery. The symbol of Pisces is that two fish swim in opposite directions, one up, one down; Nothing better describes the complex personality of Pisces than this picture.

For Pisces, the best crystal is one that brings you awareness and helps you understand what you are dealing with. Helps protect you from external energies, prevents you from getting overwhelmed, and keeps you focused on what's important.

Perfect crystal for Pisces


Amethyst is the primary birth stone of Pisces, which can better stimulate the state of consciousness. Amethyst clears the mind and lets you see the reality you are facing.


Aquamarine is known for having soothing, calming ocean energy that matches the watery nature of Pisces, which is emotionally centered and easily overwhelmed. This gem can bring much-needed comfort and calm whenever Pisces is experiencing an inner storm or even immersed in their own feelings.


Pisces people have an active imagination and rich inner world. Multifunctional Fluorite regulates the mood of Pisces, aiding mental clarity and concentration while improving organizational skills. Pisces are highly creative, but often struggle to turn their ideas into reality. By reducing stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, fluorite keeps Pisces balanced and focused, allowing their innate creativity to flourish.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals to deflect negativity away from the wearer and welcome positive emotions into their life. As a Pisces, staying focused on one goal or idea can be tricky because you have many creative dreams and visions that you want to follow.

lapis lazuli

lapis lazuli, known as the "stone of truth," strengthens the desire to speak the truth, which is great support for those Pisces who are reluctant to express their opinions and prefer to go with the flow.