Crystal for the heart chakra

The Root chakra is the gate of energy, while the fourth chakra is the axis of the whole chakra system, the power wheel that expresses and drives love, governing the feelings of love and respect, emotions and humanity.

What happens when the heart chakra is blocked?

1 Often feel lonely, not understood and accepted,

2. Refuse to accept the love of others and avoid emotions

3. Compassion and compassion overflow, feeling sad and wronged.

4 Immersed in pain can not extricate themselves,

5. Don't love yourself, give too much

6. Excessive distancing from others,

What happens when the heart chakra is too active?

1. Don't love nature.

Love is selfish and vain

3. Strong desire for emotional possession and control,

4. Be vengeful.

5 Easy to produce jealousy, hatred, revenge psychology,

Corresponding physical problems: chest tightness, upper back pain. Heart problems diseases, such as irregular heartbeat, palpitations, palpitations, etc., shortness of breath, asthma.

When the heart chakra reaches a balance, you will easily become friends with others, be willing to share, and be popular with others. Friends and close relationships are strong, and you can love others while caring for yourself. Positive, vibrant, healthy, not easy to get sick, all emotional relationships at ease.

Healing stone is used for heart chakra healing

rose quartz


ocean jasper 

pink amethyst agate