Crystal in the environment

The crystal will work all around you without sleep, you don't need to do anything deliberately, the crystal will positively help the home and the atmosphere. As long as the crystal is placed in the home visible places, such as work desk, shelves, it can make your life more rich and feel more comfortable.

The environment in which crystals are present can also have a healing effect on your pet and plant. If you are treating your pet with crystals, place crystals in his birdbath or on his bed, or tape crystals to his collar.


Crystal ornament

If you choose a large crystal, you can use it as a central centerpiece to show its beauty and power. With this simple step, you can change the energy of your entire environment for the benefit of everyone in your home or work environment.

The power of geodes

You can also put geodes in your living environment, which is perfect for your living room or any public space. Geode is actually a hollow stone in the center, crystal growth in the hollow part, often become a beautiful structure. Common geodes are amethyst, calcite, citrine and quartz.

Geodes are associated with Virgo and can help in these areas: out-of-body experience (out of body), meditation, spiritual growth communication, decision making, group and teaching mathematics

Protect the home and change/purify/clean the energy of a space

Geodes also have healing abilities associated with their specific crystal type, and can heal anything placed in them - the larger the geode, the more likely it is.

A little crystal reminder for the environment

You can put crystals in your living environment for any purpose, from better relationships and communication to softening water quality. You just need to keep them safely in a place where they won't be disturbed and away from babies and young children. Remember to keep the crystal in a dust-free condition and clean it regularly for best results.

Energy balance

Amethyst and quartz clusters will strengthen the energy of the space in which they are located, and everyone will feel more relaxed and at ease. Place one of these crystals in your living room or any public space.


Keep unwelcome visitors out

White lead ore can help keep away pests such as rats and cockroaches. Clean infested areas with white lead crystal water.

Work aspect

Common opal is known for creating a better work environment, and it is a crystal that is ideal for placing in the work environment, home workspace, study or desk.


More enjoyable relationships

Placing a large phoenix stone in your home can help invigorate a relationship that has been poor and tasteless.

The power of amethyst

Amethyst in your home can balance the atmosphere, bring energy and feel calm at the same time.

Better atmosphere

Green fluorite can continuously remove negative thoughts from the space and purify the overall atmosphere. You can place the crystal where you need a lot of contact with people, or put a greenfluorite in the space after an argument or tension.


Increase satisfaction

Moonstones can create a happy home, you can put a large number of moonstones in your living place. Onyx can also bring pleasure into the home.

Sell house

If you are having trouble selling your house, you can place a large topaz, geode or crystal cluster in the hallway or living room; Alternatively, you can place a small topaz in each room. Do it like this

Then interest, viewings and offers suddenly increase.

Topaz is good for moving

If you are having trouble selling your property, you can place topaz to attract buyers.

After a quarrel

If the atmosphere after a fight is heavy, the purple spodumene can help channel the remaining negative feelings out, which can also be used in the event of death or serious illness.

Increase encumbrance

Grape stone can unite people towards a common goal.


Softened water quality

Quartz can help soften water in hard water areas. You can put crystals in a sink or attach them to a hose. Quartz can also reduce fuel consumption by attaching it to your car's carburetor or fuel line.

Sulfur can soothe a breakup

Topaz can soothe the painful feelings of the end of a relationship. Turquoise protects assets

Break up

Sulfur removes negative energy after an argument and is especially useful during a divorce. Chromite and malachite can also be helpful in divorce proceedings.

Better communication

Sphalerite can help settle arguments and get two people who don't want to talk back to each other. This is useful in business, it can improve relationships with colleagues, bosses and other people, and it is also helpful when dealing with children.

Let plants grow

Sphene was used to promote the health of plants and to make the garden active. Place the crystals outdoors, next to plants, on a balcony or deck. You can also place small crystals in planting POTS to promote the growth of houseplants.


Powdery crystals can bring love into your home and strengthen your relationships with those closest to you. This crystal is also recognized as a beauty gem, as long as you add a few powder crystals in the bath water, you can rejuvenate the dull skin, so that you have a more tender, fresh, young appearance.


Placing fairy crystals (also known as cactus crystals) can bring harmony, peace, and integration of the home and all family relationships. This crystal is perfect for mitigating arguments.


Crystal net

In addition to placing the crystals at will, you can also place them according to a specific form of "crystal net", with the aim of directing the energy of the crystals to an object, property, person or other crystal. For example, you can arrange a quartz crystal net that all points towards your bed, reinforcing the comfort you feel when you are in bed. If the crystal tips point towards your bed, they enhance the flow of energy towards the bed; If this makes you uncomfortable, slow down the energy by moving the tip of the crystal somewhere else.

If you are treating yourself or a friend for a specific ailment or problem (see Crystal Healing), you can place the crystals you are using around your body in the form of a crystal net.