Crystal Overview

What is crystal?

Crystals are the natural crystals of minerals, formed on the surface of the earth, and although crystals come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, each crystal has a very fine atomic composition.

Crystal types can vary widely, and can be distinguished by color, mineral composition, crystallization behavior, and hardness. The accepted standard for measuring crystal hardness is the Mohs hardness set by the German scientist Friedrich Mohs, which is based on the relative hardness of minerals as a grading standard.

rock crystal is a rare mineral, a kind of gemstone, quartz crystal, which belongs to the quartz group in mineralogy. The main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, the chemical formula is SiO2. When pure, it forms a colorless transparent crystal. When containing trace elements Al, Fe, etc., it is pink, purple, yellow, brown and so on. The irradiated trace elements form different types of color centers, producing different colors, such as purple, yellow, brown, pink and so on. Containing associated inclusions minerals are called inclusion crystals, such as hair crystals, green ghosts, red rabbit hair, etc., and the internal inclusions are rutile, tourmaline, actinite, mica, chlorite, etc

Crystal formation

The formation conditions of crystal are more demanding than those of ordinary quartz. First of all, there needs to be enough and relatively stable growth space; Secondly, there should be a hydrothermal solution rich in siliceous minerals, which is slightly alkaline and low in salinity. Third, a low and high temperature is required (160 0C-400 0C, a high pressure of 2-3 atmospheres); Fourth, there needs to be a certain growth time, and these four conditions can be generated crystal. In nature, the developed joint cracks and faults are good Spaces for crystal growth. Granite is strongly developed or metamorphic and can provide sufficient hydrothermal fluid, which itself has a good temperature and pressure. The time factor is more readily available, so the production of crystals on Earth is more widespread

Crystal is often produced in the form of crystal clusters and geodes, among which crystal holes are generally found in igneous rocks and basalts formed by volcanic eruptions in the thick lava flow layer. A large number of pores appear in the rock layers due to the dissolution of gases or hot water contained in the volcanic eruption. When the fluid rich in siliceous minerals enters the thin lava pores, and the temperature and pressure conditions are suitable, it will crystallize and precipitate crystals and other minerals.

How does crystal work?

There are many explanations for the healing effects of crystals - mystical, magical, scientific, and until modern times every Westerner has tried to give a physical explanation for the healing effects of crystals, but now we can understand that crystals work through the energy system of the human body, and in this case the chakras and aura, not the physical body, and it affects the healing state of the body by affecting the energy system. Many records of the effectiveness of using crystals can be found throughout history.

Scientific speech

If it weren't for crystals, we wouldn't have rockets, navigation systems, moon craft, Mars rovers... So crystal healing is really cutting edge science! To date, although science has not been able to prove the direct effect of crystals on any disease situation, it has now been confirmed that crystals cause energy vibrations and have piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects. It has also been proven that crystals can retain heat and electricity, and can concentrate small amounts of energy. Because of their special properties, crystals can be used in many products,

The scientific community has continued to study the properties of crystals, and in recent years, research on quartz crystals has found some results of crystal healers: the crystal will strengthen the frequency of the optical fiber that penetrates it, new scientific research on dark matter and dark energy has begun, and quantum mechanics will continue to add a lot of knowledge to the principles of crystal application.