Crystals really do have healing properties

I'm sure anyone wouldn't say no to having some glitter around, people have believed for centuries that gemstones have healing properties, but do they really have the magical healing powers they're cracked up to have?

The science behind their power is limited. No legitimate research has been done to support the claim that the vibrations emitted by crystals affect our minds and bodies, but some stones can conduct energy. In 1880, French physicist Pierre Curie (husband of Marie Curie) discovered that electricity could be generated by applying pressure to various crystals, including quartz, topaz, and tourmaline. This phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect, which is why crystals are used as basic components in computers, TV screens, iphones and satellites. Although it is important to remember that crystals are produced within the Earth through the scientific process of crystallization, the mystery of crystals is equally noteworthy.

The healing principles of crystals

With its beautiful appearance and unique vibrational energy that promotes healing of the body and mind, crystals have long been regarded by many civilizations as precious and semi-precious stones. Ancient societies, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and Greece, used the healing properties of crystals.

Crystal healing has a long history, and in the age of science, it may be difficult for us to understand how a single stone can have so many different healing effects. The answer lies in the vibrational energy contained in crystals. Crystals can affect the surrounding energy fields, including human energy fields, at vibrational frequencies.

Human physical or mental problems are derived from the low-frequency vibration of internal or external factors, and the stable high frequency of crystal can affect the frequency of people through the resonance principle, so that people can obtain calm, joy and other high-frequency energy states.

Scientists tell us that all energy exists in resonance. Activate the Crystal energy, let the life dream respond to you through the crystal energy, let you connect to the cosmic energy center, through the crystal energy to the cosmic high energy center, and give you a response.

Crystals are holy energy carriers that have been used in any religious system for thousands of years.

It has the transparency of spiritual holiness, it can carry the wave of dreams, and let this dream energy pass through it to the supreme center of the universe. Life is so simple, why do some people attract negative life states? Why don't many people succeed and become rich? The crystal is the embodiment of wisdom and love, and you can discover the truth of life under the guidance of this energy center, and the true self is finally clear. The use of the oscillation frequency generated by hydrostatic, with the human magnetic field can achieve changes in the mind and physical energy, thus affecting our mood, mediate emotions, and achieve the role of transport. The crystal can produce a huge frequency, and a relatively strong magnetic field will be generated around it, and the things we talk about are often some low-frequency spirits.

These low-frequency substances are difficult to stay in a high-frequency environment, so crystals, to some extent, have the effect of exorcising evil spirits.

How to use crystals in everyday life?

Each type of crystal has a unique power and use, you can think of clear quartz as your daily crystal of choice, clear quartz is known as the healing master, also can enhance the effectiveness of other crystals. What makes it special is that it can be tailored to your needs depending on the day. Its healing properties help remove energy blocks and bring your true inner voice into the world. If you need to be grounded, consider smoke crystals, which provide focus and clarity. If you want courage and strength, choose aquamarine, a stone that can be used for protection when traveling and to open clear and sincere channels of communication. Rose quartz activates the heart chakra and promotes unconditional and self-love, while amethyst is perfect for your home as it removes negative energy from the surrounding space. Topaz contributes to positivity and optimism and is also a stone of prosperity, making it ideal to carry around in the office or workplace.