Crystals to help kids concentrate

If you feel that your child is having a hard time concentrating, feels loose and weak, always subconsciously starting a negative consciousness spiral

Not good at words, limited communication skills, unable to control their emotions, often in conflict with people, then we can use the power of crystal to help children concentrate, calm the heart, focus on learning. In this article, I will introduce the "expert" on this subject, today's protagonist lapis Lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli can help balance calibration, wearing or using it can help calm the mind, clear thinking through illusions, improve learning efficiency and proper expression, lapis indigo light can strengthen the brow and throat wheel, indigo blue lapis Lazuli can precipitate the elusive power of purple minerals such as amethyst downward, and implement it in the conscious level closer to the mental wisdom.

The history of lapis lazuli

The history of the use of lapis lazuli can be traced back to more than 5,000 years, in ancient Egypt was considered a noble ore, was polished into various shapes of amulets to wear, lapis lazuli ground into fine powder after dyeing clothes only the royal family, the clergy can wear. Ancient Egypt also used lapis lazuli as a medicine to eliminate evil, mixed with gold applied to the brow, used to restore sober wisdom.

How to use lapis Lazuli to treat children?

1. When your child is learning to read, you can hold a lapis lazuli in your hand to help your child concentrate

2. Before studying, lift lapis Lazuli between your eyes and take 3 deep breaths for 6 seconds each time. After studying, place lapis Lazuli on your desk to consolidate this energy

3. Make lapis lazuli into a pendant, wear it closely, replenish the energy of the mind and wisdom at any time (take it off when sleeping)


Matters needing attention

Lapis lazuli should be kept away from the sleeping head area, because lapis lazuli belongs to the ore of conscious consciousness, conscious consciousness stops during sleep, and the brain pauses most of its operations, at this time the energy of lapis lazuli is contrary to this process, and it is easy to stimulate a lot of internal negative information, which can not be properly handled by the mind, and it is easy to have nightmares.