Do you have your own space for crystals

Preparing an ideal space for using crystals is both useful and fun. Creating a sheltered, sacred space in your home can make your collaboration with crystals feel special, meaningful and ritualistic. You can find a separate space, or find an area in a large room as a fixed crystal space. Alternatively, you can set up the space as needed and then clean it up when you're done.

Crystal placement

Take some time to prepare your space, starting with clearing out the things that are not needed in that space or area. Make a list of the things that are important to you, and then choose the crystals that each represents, and you will naturally find that you need a larger crystal for one thing and a smaller crystal for another. Place the crystal as you see fit in this space - remember, this is your own space! Choose some relaxing music, light a few candles, and sit quietly for a while. This special space is for you.

Crystal for a special space

Here are some crystals suitable for your own space: Amethyst: very relaxing and peaceful, but very spiritual. Topaz: brings fun, joy and joy.

Olivine: Removes emotional barriers and leads to the release of unwanted things and situations in your life. Great for space cleansing, or giving you the motivation to clear out old, unwanted possessions.

White Crystal: Bringing energy into space. Crystal: Let love flow.

Red Zinc Mine: Can create a healing environment, suitable for any type of healing space.