Do you know how to activate your crystal

The more often you work with the same crystal to achieve specific results, the better you and the crystal will be at it. As with learning anything, practice makes perfect. Some crystals dabble in every field, while others specialize in specific tasks or meet specific needs (like a know-it-all versus a brain authority); Both types of crystals can be very helpful in different situations.

If you have selected a crystal that you want to use to improve a specific problem, activating the crystal can make the effect even better.

Starting crystal

Once you have chosen the crystal and decided the direction in which you want it to help you, take some time to connect with it. Look at the crystal and notice its shape, color, and luster. Take it in your hands, close your eyes, and concentrate on feeling it all. Notice how smooth, flat, sharp and angular it is. Accept whatever the crystal gives you, whether it's a touch of your hand or a subtle feeling that emerges from deep within. By holding the crystal close to your ear and listening to it, most people can hear the physical vibrations of the crystal. If your crystal does not have a crystal water taboo (see page 23), try it on the tip of your tongue. Finally, use your sense of smell to explore your crystal deeply, many people can experience different tastes in different crystals.

Focus on crystal's purpose

Now hold the crystal in your hand and focus your mind on what you want the crystal to do. Sit quietly and imagine (or pretend) your mind going into the deepest part of the crystal for 5 to 10 minutes.


Repeat the startup process

Ideally repeat this process for two weeks and you will find that the time required to connect the same crystal each day will be reduced. Ask your crystal any pertinent questions you specify. You can take the crystal with you, ask someone to take care of it, or leave it in a place where it won't be disturbed.