Do you know how to clean crystals

When you use a crystal, whether it's you or someone else, the crystal absorbs energy from you, the other person, or the environment. On the outside, it can be dusty and dull. You will obviously know when the crystals need to be cleaned - when they lose their luster, their brightness decreases, or even fade. When the crystal needs cleaning, it may feel sticky to the touch."

Good energy and bad energy

Crystals naturally collect the energy of their environment, and any traditional method of cleaning crystals, whether it's the sun method or the living water purification (see how the two methods are so opposite), can remove excess energy absorbed by the crystal, which is not needed at the moment.

We often want to define energy as good or bad, but there is no difference between the two: energy is energy, and there is no judgment. Native Americans used obsidian to decorate arrowheads for hunting, and heists also suggested placing obsidian on the stomach to relieve abdominal pain; The ancient Greeks used beautiful white crystal balls to prevent wounds from getting infected, but the same energy could burn your house down if you put a white crystal ball directly in the sun. Therefore, do not worry about whether your crystals are born with good or bad energy, what they have is the "energy" itself, and purifying the crystals can build up the energy and make them ready to begin the healing work.

Dust removal

Dust may accumulate on the crystal, and the electrostatic charge of the dust will affect the special energy properties of the crystal. Compared to the purified crystal, the use of full dust crystal is less efficient, and the dust will block light, reducing the number of photons that the crystal can concentrate. If you want to remove dust, brush gently with a soft bristled brush, a makeup brush or a small paintbrush is ideal. Remove dust regularly to avoid buildup.

Cleaning method

You can make the crystal bright again by placing it in a bowl of water and a little mild cleaner, then gently wiping it under the water. Let your crystal air dry, or pat it with a soft cloth.

Other traditional methods of cleaning crystals are listed here. If your crystal dissolves in water, do not choose a cleaning method that requires the use of water.

Living water: Hold the crystal and stay in the moving water for a few minutes. If you have used the crystal frequently recently, or have not cleaned it for a while, you may need to stay longer.


Sunlight: Place the crystals in the sun, or you can dry them in the sun after washing the crystals. Be aware that white crystals (especially crystal balls) concentrate the sun's radiant energy and may cause a fire.


Pay special attention, regardless of the length of time, do not put quartz crystals in the sun without attention, and do not place flammable materials around.


Moonlight: Place the crystal in the moonlight, especially on the day of the full moon or new moon.


Smoke: Surround your crystal with the smoke of burning frankincense, sandalwood, or sage, or you can do this with a whole herb bundle (a herb bundle is a small bundle of herbs that can be burned for purification rituals). Soil: Bury your crystal in the soil for one to two weeks, or one to two lunar cycles. Bury it on the full moon day and take it out on the new moon day.


Crystal purification: Place the crystal in an amethyst bed, quartz crystal cluster or geode.

Sound: Use chanting, drumming or Tibetan chanting bowls, and ringing to dispel unwanted vibrations in the crystal.


Breath or Light: Expose the crystal to your breath or light and you can also practice Reiki on the crystal.