February birthstone amethyst

February's birthstone is amethyst, a category of purple quartz that has been striking for thousands of years. Amethysts range in color from lavender to dark purple and can be cut and ground into a variety of shapes and sizes, either made in a laboratory or mined. Amethyst can be found in royal collections in Europe and Asia. If your birthday is in February, then wearing amethyst is also a symbol of personal strength and inner strength.

What is amethyst

Amethyst, as the name suggests, is purple crystal.

Crystal is one of the oldest gemstones in nature. Hundreds of millions of years ago, hydrothermal veins rich in silica filled cracks in the earth's crust under certain conditions of temperature and pressure and slowly precipitated and crystallized into columnar-shaped crystal crystals.

Amethyst is the aristocrat of the crystal family. Amethyst can be found in alpine cracks, epithermal veins, mineralized cavities in granitic rocks and geodes of basaltic lava.

Amethyst is February birthstone, a symbol of honesty, peace of mind, amethyst "color like grapes, light and lovely" has been loved by people since ancient times, purple is a noble color, known as "honest stone" Amethystos English name from the Greek Amethystos, with "wine" meaning, because of its color like wine, Amethyst is also a memorial stone for the 17th wedding anniversary.

Basic component

The chemical composition of amethyst is silica, belongs to the tripartite crystal system, Mohs hardness is 7 glass luster, refractive index 1.544~1.553.

The mysterious and dreamy purple color of amethyst is due to the trace amount of iron it contains,

Its color depth is different, can be lavender, purple, deep purple, blue purple and other colors, of which deep purple, deep purple is the best.

Beautiful legend

According to legend, Basca, the god of wine, once had a drunken prank, pushing a girl named Ameste in front of a fierce beast, and the goddess Diana could not bear the maiming of the girl, and turned it into a white sculpture. Then Basca woke up from his drink,

Regretful, and deeply fascinated by the statue of the girl, he was sad when the wine in his hands accidentally spilled on the sculpture, at this time the statue actually turned into a beautiful amethyst.

In order to make up for his fault and to commemorate the girl, Dionysus named the AMETHYST after the girl. Because of the shame and guilt of the god of wine hidden in the amethyst, the saying that drinking with the amethyst glass will be guarded by the god of wine and thousand cups will not be drunk is spread.

Therefore, amethyst is more endowed in Ancient Greek for producing silk love

Amethyst symbolizes the meaning of love, adding a mysterious and beautiful color. Since Valentine's Day is in February,

Amethyst naturally became the guardian stone of love, a symbol of deep love and harmonious marriage.

Where is amethyst found?

Russia was the main producer of amethyst until the 19th century, when large deposits were discovered in Brazil, making it abundant.

Today, gems are produced all over the world, including Africa, South America and Bolivia. It has also been found in the United States in Arizona and North Carolina.

How to clean amethyst

Amethyst is suitable for daily wear and requires regular polishing and cleaning for a better appearance. Using this gemstone under thermal radiation can damage its color and discolor it. Although placing this beautiful gem next to any harder gemstone/diamond may damage the gem. Amethyst gemstones can be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, but steam cleaning is not recommended because amethyst does not tolerate heat, February gemstones can be cleaned perfectly with a mild soap and soft brush, and amethyst jewelry should be stored in a jewelry box lined with soft fabric when not worn.