Fire quartz meaning and benefit

What is fire quartz?

fire quartz crystal is a red colored crystal that contains the metal ion silica substance and is a member of the crystal race. fire quartz is formed when lava penetrates natural fissures to form landscape streams containing iron ore and other rare minerals. During the growth of fire quartz crystal, due to factors such as hydrothermal regression, temperature drop, and pressure change, stress cracks are caused, forming the glue flaking we commonly see - a large "rainbow".

Where does fire quartz come from?

fire quartz crystal is produced in very few countries, only Tanzania, Brazil and other countries, of which Tanzania's fire quartz is particularly full, and Tanzania's fire quartz crystal is gorgeous and full, and does not fade at room temperature

The healing properties of fire quartz

Physiotherapy properties

Use of fire quartz leads to better blood health. Therapists say the rock's electricity will increase blood oxygen, improve circulation, and even lower blood pressure.

Emotional therapeutic properties

This is an excellent stone that can help you work through deep emotional wounds and clear away old wounds. When you are in the throes of emotional turmoil, fire quartz can rescue you and help you become emotionally healthy.

When you are in the throes of emotional turmoil, the recovery of Flint Quartz makes it a suitable companion. It can provide you with many advantages to change your emotional health for the better.

Psychotherapeutic properties

It helps you to be in a positive state, makes you feel confident, and encourages you to recognize your connection and importance to the event. To help you get in touch with your divinity.

The benefits of fire quartz

1. Relieve anxiety and fear

fire quartz is an excellent stone that can help relieve anxiety and fear, encouraging you to let go of your anxiety and boosting your confidence and courage to face your fears.

2. Relieve depression

When you are feeling down, you can meditate with fire quartz and it will inject you with positive energy to relieve depression.

It helps clear mental confusion, is helpful to those who indulge in negative thoughts, persuades positive thoughts, and welcomes new possibilities.

3. Fight insomnia

Wearing fire quartz at night can make sleep more relaxed, avoid nightmares, and combat insomnia. If you want to heal from past hurts, try putting a piece of fire quartz under your pillow to help you cleanse yourself of past hurts and keep your mind calm.

4. Provide energy

In any case, we all need plenty of energy to get through the day, and when we're feeling down, or having a bad night's sleep, or being sick, our energy levels can be greatly reduced, and fire quartz is powerful in that it can quickly replenish our energy.

5. Generate enthusiasm

If you're feeling stuck and not as motivated as you used to be, fire quartz is a great stone for you to fire up your life and work towards your desires.

Discriminating selection

① Color:

To put it simply, the quality of fire quartz is related to the color depth. The dark fire quartz is more precious and rare, while the light color quality is relatively poor. In addition, the color of natural glue flowers is natural and beautiful, and the color of artificial crystal dyeing is single and monotonous, which can be used as a reference.

② Cracks:

Natural fire quartz may have some ice cracks and cotton wool, but the fewer cracks, the rarer it is, which is one of the factors affecting its quality and value. However, the cracks of natural glue flowers have irregular aesthetic feeling and unique temperament, which are essentially different from the artificial rigid cracks of fake glue flowers.

➂ Touch:

Natural glue flower crystal feels cold, with the same characteristics as other crystals, with good thermal conductivity; The fake glue flower crystal is slightly warm and dry because of the qualitative difference in the production material.