Garnet meaning and use

Garnet is seen as a symbol of faith, loyalty and simplicity. Just like its name, its bright colors are dazzling, exuding the vitality of life, as if the pomegranate is full of vitality. Common colors are red, orange and so on.

Garnet is the stone of women, its energy and magnetic field have a greater impact on women, can promote blood circulation, enhance blood gas, restore vitality, so that the skin can become red and smooth, but also has a beauty effect.

Garnet is a famous stone of health, to improve health is also very helpful, garnet has a strong pure energy, corresponding to the seabed wheel umbilical wheel heart wheel, strengthen vitality and physical energy, bring confidence, help to relieve the weak state of Qi and blood.

Common garnets:

Red garnets:Corresponding to the submarine wheel and umbilical wheel, strengthen vitality and physical energy, bring self-confidence, and help to relieve the state of Qi and blood weakness.

Orange garnet: corresponding to the umbilical wheel, helps to develop personal value and self-affirmation.

Green garnet: corresponds to the heart wheel, helps to expand personal ability, have a firm will and heart

Efficacy :

1. Improve blood circulation and enhance vitality

2. Improve period pain

3. Relieve tension and promote physical recovery

4. Boost energy and enthusiasm