gold sand stone meaning and effect

What is gold sand stone

gold sand stone, also known as Venus stone, is a kind of quartzite containing mica sheets or iron oxide mineral flakes, Mohs hardness of about 6, also known as Venus stone.

It gets its name because it shines like Venus. It is mainly red and blue. This brownish-red, translucent to opaque soda stone glass, which is mixed with some 4 or 6 points of copper powder, plays a golden reflection, looks like a little gold sand, shining the light of stars, hence the name.

gold sand stone is an opaque ore body, glittering in the light like gold sequins. In Indian legend, gold sand stone is a kind of wishing stone. It is also one of the wealth stones, can enhance wealth and gather energy.

The healing power of gold sand stone


gold sand stone can enhance a person's clear, clear, pleasant awareness, can make intuitive knowing, gold sand stone knows that only calm, perfect patience and harmony, can achieve great victory. It is a gem that can help stabilize mood and boost confidence. People like and seek higher wisdom.


It is said that long-term wear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, calming and improving sleep. Gold sandstone has a good lifting effect on the body as it promotes healthy circulation and regeneration of tissues. It can also sharpen the mind.


gold sand stone keeps you grounded, gold sand is an empowering stone that can encourage courage and joy and bring abundance to our lives. By wearing this crystal, you will be able to harness its soothing energy to help bring inner peace while promoting emotional healing and a brighter attitude to life.

How to use gold sand stone

One of the best ways to get gold sand stone into your life is to apply it to your skin. When any healing stone comes into direct contact with the skin, it can quickly energize your own vibrational energy and can start moving any blockage quickly. Wearing stone jewelry will also infuse you with daily confidence and complete inner strength. It has a protective energy field to keep you safe from harm. We always encourage travelers to bring gold sand stone with them when embarking on a new adventure

Or carrying a piece of gold sandstone in your pocket or purse will help protect you from negative energy while inspiring optimism and success in all areas of life.

If you find yourself feeling tired and unable to focus in the middle of the day or while working on a specific project, let gold sand stone guide you back to focus. This gem can restore motivation and help you achieve your dreams. Place gold sand stone in your desk or studio space to summon this energy.

Gold sandstone is an excellent stone for meditation, helping to release your intuition and gain access to the infinite wisdom of the universe. Before using this powerful crystal, be sure to clean it with sage smoke or running water. Once purified, this sandstone will enhance its energy and bring success to your life!

How to clean gold sand stone

Gold sandstone can be cleaned by dipping it in warm water and a small amount of detergent soap or dish soap, using a ball of absorbent cotton to wipe away dirt, and then using a soft brush to clean hard-to-reach parts. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. Don't scratch it, just gently wipe away the water.