golden healer quartz meaning and use

What is golden healer quartz?

golden healer quartz is a kind of crystal. golden healer quartz is formed through secondary crystallization during the growth of crystal. Volcanic magma penetrates into natural cracks to form a flow-colored landscape. In the crystal growth process, due to the regression of the hydrothermal solution, the drop in temperature and the change in pressure, the stress cracks are generated, forming a large "rainbow".

The crystal is filled with iron oxide and other minerals due to secondary cracks in colloidal flower crystal, and the inclusions are mostly liquid phase or precipitate. When the filling is red, it is called "red glue flower" and when it is yellow, it is called "golden healer quartz".

The healing properties of golden healer quartz

Physiotherapy properties

golden healer quartz is especially helpful in stimulating the thyroid and thymus glands. It can help with digestive problems and reduce nausea. It can also benefit the immune system. It purifies and strengthens all organs and strengthens all systems of the body. It is said to be particularly helpful for chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone damage and intestinal problems.

Psychotherapeutic properties

Quartz can provide clear thinking and help focus. It can also help retain information, which is especially useful for aiding learning.

Quartz is an excellent spiritual healing stone. It can help balance all chakras, adjust the delicate body, and is perfect for assisting meditation and spiritual communication.

The benefits of golden healer quartz

1. Can clean the chakra body

2. Remove blockages and imbalances to prepare your body for healing

3. Turn negative energy into positive fraternity and reduce bad habits

4. Help balance body, mind, and spirit

5. Align lower chakras with higher chakras

6. Increase joy and peace

7. Increase your courage and determination

How to use gold to treat quartz

Use at home

Gold healing quartz brings the sun's warm energy into more areas of your home. It will attract the natural energy of the sun, transforming and purifying the space.

When used in feng shui, gold healing quartz can radiate healing light into your home. It will destroy the qi in your home. It dissipates negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.


Having a piece of gold to heal quartz is like having a piece of sun in your pocket. It also leaves a strong energy imprint on your consciousness. Very healing and protective, its energy will enhance your intuition and increase your spiritual intelligence.

How to clean and replenish gold for healing quartz

When you initially bring the crystals home, you need to clean them and then wash them regularly depending on how often you use them.

The easiest way is to put the gold healing quartz outside in the sun to clean and charge for continued use.

Also, using the full moon to clear your rocks is a great way to clear away negative emotions. At dusk, place the crystal on a windowsill or somewhere else that will absorb the moonlight (and its vibrations). The next morning, before the sun rises too high, remove the stone. You can also place some stones on the grid to charge for specific purposes.