Golden rutile quartz meaning and use

Golden rutile quartz is the top of the crystal, its golden brilliance is like the sunset at sunrise, piercing the dark gap - gold hair crystal, also known as Venus hair crystal, refers to the crystal contains different kinds of ore, needle-like inclusions.

Features: Hair-like or gold-like golden hair, rutile hair, thin hair and more, the main recruitment, the right side of the recruitment, the energy is particularly strong, the internal hair crystal contains a combination of different hair-like minerals, looks like crystal contained

Like hair, arranged into a plate is the titanium crystal. High-grade gold hair crystals and titanium crystals can be called one of the most precious stones today.

The Golden rutile quartzhas the effect of polymerization of positive energy and resistance to negative energy, and usually the crystal energy containing hair is relatively strong


1. Career blessing, help the cause to take off

2. Help people and dignitaries

3. Attract positive ones and avoid bad ones

4. Break nightmares and be full of positive energy

Corresponding chakra: Sun chakra