Golden Rutile Quartz Meaning and use

What is Golden Rutile Quartz?

Golden Rutile Quartz refers to crystals containing different kinds of ore acicular inclusions, often containing Rutile is gold, red or silver white. The gold color is called titanium dioxide Golden Rutile Quartz or Golden Rutile Quartz. Produced mostly in Brazil and the East China Sea of China, Golden Rutile Quartz crystal is extremely rare and precious in crystals, symbolizing prosperity and success. It is even more rare to find a crystal free of impurities and gold filaments among the various qualities of Golden Rutile Quartz.

Therapeutic properties of Golden Rutile Quartz

Psychotherapeutic properties

Golden Rutile Quartz attracts positivity and is an excellent spiritual gem, it is perfect for meditation and can be used to ward off disruptive mood and unwanted energies, telepathy and mystical distractions. It can also help you sleep, allowing you to fall asleep quickly and soundly, and prevent nightmares from occurring.

Physiotherapy properties

Golden Rutile Quartz helps slow aging, speeds recovery from any disease, and helps heal and repair wounds. It can also help manage chronic problems, energy utilization, and tissue repair.

Affective therapeutic properties

This gem helps relieve stress so that you can deal with any issues that arise, provides you with new avenues and guidance, clears your mind, improves creativity, and guides you when you don't know what to do next.

How do I use Golden Rutile Quartz

Use at home or at work

As a feng shui decoration at home, can absorb negative energy, bring you good luck, bring vitality to the space, can also be placed in the office, it will bring you calm and balance, make your mind clear, better solve the problems encountered in the work, thus bringing success.

Carry with you

This gem can bring you good luck and wealth, wear or carry around, help you have a good mood throughout the day, bring good luck, and make some financial decisions, it will always bring you good luck. It can also reduce feelings of sadness and loneliness and make you more happy and enthusiastic to enjoy a good day.


It is a powerful stone that is perfect for meditation, providing you with a sense of calm and reminding you of the beauty and joy of life. Its power also helps to build feelings of love and ignite inner passion. It will help clear the blockage in your mind and allow you to significantly improve your mental strength. This gem will help you complete tasks more efficiently and systematically. It will harmonize your meridians and harmonize with your surroundings.

How do I clean Golden Rutile Quartz

The first time you bring Golden Rutile Quartz home, you need to clean and charge it, and you need to clean and charge it regularly to maintain its normal energy vibration.

The simplest way is to soak the stone in running water for about a minute, so that you can both clean the stone and charge it, using natural spring water is the best, you can also put it in the fountain, let the water run over the stone, after the stone is removed, use a soft cloth to dry.


Golden Rutile Quartz is a beautiful magical stone with many properties and effects, and if you are looking for a special gift or something meaningful to yourself, then Golden Rutile Quartz is your best choice